Girl Scouts Visit Applied Technologies to Learn About Electricity

September 29, 2016 -- The usual busy sounds of the Electrical Trades labs were recently replaced with children’s laughter and cheering. Nineteen girls aged 7-13 visited the School of Applied Technologies to learn about electricity and the work of electricians, and they had a good time all the while.
September 29, 2016

They were members of three different Girl Scout troops. Led by Electrical Trades faculty Denise Ojeda and Eric Barros, they participated in the inaugural session of G.G.R.I.T.T. (Getting Girls Ready in Technology & Trades), designed especially for them.

The activities started in a festive balloon-decorated classroom where the girls participated in a presentation on history, application and fun facts about electricity. They then applied what they learned in a myriad of activities, including working on simulators, running wire and forming three inch diameter metal conduit using a Greenlee electro-hydraulic table bender purchased recently using Carl D. Perkins grant funds. The crowd’s favorite was “Shooting a Mouse,” which involves using a vacuum to move a plastic pipe plug to pull wires through a conduit.

The Electrical Trades program has been working with kids for a number of years. Last year was the first time Girl Scouts visited the program, and the response was so good a repeat was planned.

“Kids often don’t get exposure to the trades in school curriculum, so the opportunity was a valuable learning opportunity for the girls,” said John Bronisz, dean of the School of Applied Technologies. “Seeing firsthand how electricians incorporate STEM and hearing about the need for women electricians was an eye-opening experience for the girls. After learning about electricity, the kids will look at the world a bit differently, including Disney Land, which they learned uses over 500 miles of lights and 600,000 individual light bulbs.”

The faculty in Electrical Trades are eager to continue to reach out to the Girl Scout troops and others for future events.

“I would really like to thank everyone who supported this,” Denise Ojeda, electrical faculty member, said. “Kudos also to Applied Technologies staff Anthoney Carrillo, Jennifer Klecker, Teresa Maynard, Steven Piatetsky, Cynthia Ramirez-Gurule and Diana Garcia, along with CTE Outreach Manager Amanda Glennon, and Greenlee Territory Manager Liz Medlen for their support.” 

Ojeda said the event was inspirational for her, “because the girls had such child-like curiosity, and were so engaged and interested in learning.”