Four CNM Employees Honored with 2017 PNM Employee Awards

August 30, 2017 -- Four CNM employees were presented with the 2017 PNM Employee Awards for outstanding contributions to the college during the 12th annual CNM Convocation on Aug. 25.
August 30, 2017

The recipients of the awards, which are sponsored by PNM, are Roger Soto of Information Technology Services; Cathy Beck of the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences; Erin Wilson of the Disability Resource Center; and Alicia Salas of the Business Office.

In 2011, PNM provided CNM with a donation that helps CNM reward its employees for exemplifying the mission, vision and values of the college that lead to continued success. During Convocation, attendees watched a video that highlighted the reasons these employees were selected for the awards.

Ken Cole, director of Information Technology Infrastructure at CNM, said the following about Soto, Roger demonstrates a lot of great qualities. He’s one of the people around here you can always depend on to fix a problem and to bring the right people to bear on the issues. Just last night we had an issue over at the new Smith Brasher Hall. Roger is familiar with the contractors who are working on the building. He understands the security processes. We all depend on Roger quite a lot to make things happen here at CNM. Congratulations Roger.”

About Beck, Carla Ponce, Academic Affairs Specialist, said, “She definitely goes above and beyond when she’s helping students or faculty or anybody. She’s the first one to walk a student to where they need to go. Or if she’s handing a student off to someone else in another office, she’ll make sure to call and ask who should they see and is the person available or what can we do? It’s not just a sometimes thing. I’m really lucky she works with us, and she’s a joy to work with every day. We’re always laughing, so it’s great. Congratulations Cathy. I know you are going to be really embarrassed, but you deserve it.”

Ann Lyn Hall, Executive Director of Connect Services, noted this about Wilson. “My favorite quote about Erin is that when others see obstacles, Erin sees opportunities. This past year Erin helped one of our deaf and hard-of-hearing students who was in truck driving figure out a way to be able to pursue the career the student wanted. Erin is a positive team player. She helps the college get things done. And everyone who works with her really loves the opportunity. Congratulations Erin on your award. You deserve it.”

Wanda Helms, CNM Comptroller, had this to say about Salas, “Alicia has great customer service skills. She tries to make sure that things are taken care of. She is just one of those people who is very professional. She calls everybody miss, mister or doctor. I remember the first time I went to Purchasing, I walked in and she addressed me as Ms. Wanda Helms or Ms. Helms, and I said no, no, no. I’m just Wanda. Ms. Helms is my mom. So that was my first experience with her. And you know, I got used to her being that professional. And she attributed it to her dad. She’s a respectful person. She really wants to help people and make sure that the Business Office is shown in the best light possible. Congratulations to Alicia. It’s well deserved and I’m proud to have her as part of the Business Office.