Four CNM Employees Honored with 2013 PNM Employee Awards

September 17, 2013 -- Four CNM employees were presented with the 2013 PNM Employee Awards for outstanding contributions to the college during the seventh annual CNM Convocation on Sept. 13.
July 16, 2015

The recipients are Elizabeth Bennett, instructor in the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences representing Academic Affairs; Travis Barber, maintenance operations supervisor in Facilities representing the Finance and Operations Division; Alexis Kerschner-Tappan, senior director of Marketing and Public Relations representing the President’s Division; and Glenn Damiani, senior director of Enrollment Services representing the Student Services Division.

In 2011, PNM provided CNM with a donation that helps CNM reward its employees for exemplifying the character, values and efforts that lead to the college’s continued success.

The 2013 PNM Employee Award recipients were chosen because they made outstanding contributions outside of their divisions, crossing college division lines to make a difference for CNM’s strategic directions and ultimately for CNM students.

During Convocation, attendees watched a video of employees from divisions other than the ones in which the recipients work, explaining why the winners deserved the awards.

Jennifer McDonald, associate director of Outreach Services, said the following about Bennett. “She works really hard to make sure she is creating a sense of community outside the classroom. She even hosted an event for one of our local high schools to inform the students about the dual credit options they have available at CNM.”

About Barber, Holly Dewees from Student Services said, “Travis has worked 10 years at the Westside Campus, and he faithfully serves students, faculty, staff and Student Services employees. His excellent work in Maintenance and Operations continues to support the work of the campus and Student Services.”

Paul Clark, instructor in the School of Business & Information Technology, noted this about Kershner Tappan. “As a faculty member who worked on the website redesign, I got to work first hand with Alexis. I was impressed with her ability to implement new thinking in the use of our website. Alexis is skilled at evaluating and delegating tasks to a skilled staff. It was a testament to the website team to implement a major upgrade without inconveniencing users.”

Ray Avila of Information Technology Services said the following about Damiani. “It is great to know that Glenn Damiani is a winner of the PNM staff award. Since becoming CNM registrar, Glenn has done a lot to foster a partnership between ITS and Enrollment Services. He has a great quality of bringing out the best in people and always has a positive attitude. We at ITS greatly appreciate Glenn’s leadership and contributions that help ITS better serve our students.”