First Stages of Drone Certification Program Underway

February 23, 2017 -- CNM’s School of Applied Technologies recently hosted a Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) event at the CNM Advanced Technology Center, adding momentum to the development of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Technician certification – better known as a drone technician certification.
February 23, 2017

DACUM is a process for incorporating the use of a focus group in a facilitated storyboarding process to capture the major duties and related tasks included in an occupation, as well as the necessary knowledge, skills and traits. Drones are an emerging technology associated with at least 10 or more new careers, which New Mexicans will be able to train for at CNM.

“The program was initiated from a vision that Rick Watson, instructor of Geographic Information Systems had,” said Amy Ballard, associate dean of Applied Technologies. “Rick saw the need and now we are going there. The DACUM is important because it includes input from our local community professionals to make sure we are setting this up correctly and that there is a need for this training. Through this DACUM on UAS (or drones), CNM can confidently build a curriculum that encompasses the correct duties, tasks, and steps associated with UAS Certifications. Through the amount of inquiry CNM has been getting on UAS Certification, we are confident that this program will be built successfully with jobs in mind.”

DACUM panelists included local film cinematographers, Federal Aviation Administration licensed pilots, payload engineers, real estate appraisers and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. Each of these industry professionals use a wide variety of UAS for various tasks. All of the participants agreed that there are common functions and terminology associated with UAS that were common among the various industries that were represented at this DACUM.


For information on classes that are being offered now to prepare for the UAS Certification Program, contact the School of Applied Technologies program advisors at 224-3711.