Excellence Awards Highlight Outstanding Employees

Nov. 26, 2013 -- Twelve faculty and staff members were honored with the 2013 CNM Employee Excellence Awards at a recent luncheon. The awards recognize employees for exceptional contributions to the CNM community.
July 16, 2015

Below are nominations submitted on behalf of the award recipients:

Andrea Peterson
“Andrea has always been an outstanding member of our biology lab course team. Her tireless work ethic and her attention to detail is an enormous asset to the biology and microbiology labs she serves. Words cannot do justice to describe the amazing asset Andrea is to CNM, the faculty and the students who study here.”

Carla Jennings
“Carla recently took on the role of primary instructor for sections of NA (Nursing Assistant) 1015. She has spent literally countless hours preparing her course material. She spent hours observing other faculty classes. She embraced Blackboard to enhance her course and spent many hours working with distance learning staff to learn Blackboard and incorporate this into her course. All of this is unpaid time. It is a manifestation of Carla's dedication to excellence and to student success. Carla's work ethic is incredible and inspiring!”

Cheri Grajeda
“Cheri is always willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities. She accepts new responsibilities with professionalism and assists and completes these new duties with first-rate results. Cheri’s excellent support to CNM shows she cares about CNM and our student’s success.  Her team spirit and excellence is what makes her a leader in CNM.”

CJ Muniz
“CJ hosts a lunch every year to honor our CNM students and employee veterans on Veterans’ Day. CJ pays for the lunch out of her own money and invites and honors all CNM veterans. The veterans themselves are very appreciative of the recognition. CJ’s work supports the CNM Strategic Direction of Student and Community Success by reinforcing CNM’s values of Caring and Hope to our employees and students.”

Hector Navarro
“Hector supports students and encourages them because he LIKES to. Hector helps CNM demonstrate its commitment to caring, hope and support – particularly as a means of supporting students. His efforts contribute to a college that feels more inclusive and more encouraging, especially to those students who might not feel that in other parts of their lives.”

Janna Goodyear
“Janna's recent contributions have created educational opportunities and community partnerships while pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition. She demonstrates the value of caring for our students, our programs, and our educational partnerships.”

Karen Connors
“Karen has been a key player on the statewide level in the development and implementation of the statewide, shared nursing curriculum. As a result of her dedication and expertise, she helped CNM achieve the status of first implementer for the new curriculum. She is our rock. She is our anchor. And she keeps us laughing on the way. She truly is changing lives and building communities.”

Keith Adams
“Keith Adams has been very instrumental in assisting with the effort to streamline the college’s cellular phone vendor contract. This effort ultimately saved CNM $1,000 per month, as well as a tremendous amount of time and energy for the Accounts Payable staff managing the vendor invoices.”

Loretta Archuleta
“Loretta initiated the idea of working with Purchasing and the vendor community to standardize phone options, plans and the billing process. Loretta’s efforts support the Finance and Operation Division’s great customer service, as well as the college’s goal of organizational excellence.”

Maria Gutierrez
“When AT eliminated the Director of Employer Based Programs position, Maria took on additional duties to ensure apprenticeship programs received the necessary attention and support. Her focus is on doing whatever it takes to support student success for traditional and non-traditional students.”

Penny Mortier
“Penny Mortier organized the combined 2013 New Mexico Adult Education Association and New Mexico TESOL Conference. The New Mexico GED and ESL student population will be impacted in a positive way because of the faculty professional development experiences. This conference supported the student and community success goals at CNM.”

Russell Johnson
“Russell does not stop. He is always on campus during term breaks and is always looking for ways to improve. His students surprised him with a plaque and party to show their appreciation for his patience, expertise and dedication to the plumbing program.        He promotes student success.”