Employees in A Building to Relocate During Major Renovation

May 21, 2015 -- In preparation for a major renovation to the A Building on Main Campus, all employees in the A Building will be relocated for the duration of the project. The A Building renovation is expected to be completed in approximately one year. Employees will be relocated over the next month.
July 16, 2015

Phone numbers will not change.

The following schedule identifies each department’s move date and temporary location for approximately the next year:

  • 5/28: Web Strategy moves to Student Resource Center, Room 111
  • 5/28: Marketing moves to Physical Plant Department Building
  • 5/29: Purchasing Procurement Senior Analyst (Charlotte Gensler) moves to Physical Plant Department, Room 103-B
  • 6/4: Purchasing Department moves to Montoya Campus, Tom Wiley Hall, Room 208
  • 6/4: Audit Department moves to Main Campus Basehart Portables, BT101
  • 6/5: Contracts and Grants moves to Montoya Campus, G Building, Room 202 
  • 6/5: Communications moves to Montoya Campus, I Building, Rooms 211-D and 211-G 
  • 6/8: Accounting moves to Montoya Campus J-121
  • 6/9: Payroll moves to Montoya Campus, Tom Wiley Hall, Room 207
  • 6/9: Business Office moves to Montoya Campus, Tom Wiley Hall, Room 104
  • 6/15: Budget Department moves to the Main Campus Oxford House, 2101 Oxford Ave. SE (Just east of the E Building)
  • 6/15: Marketing Director (Jennifer Brower) moves to Main Campus, LSA Building, Room 206
  • 6/18: Media Production Services moves to the Advanced Technology Center warehouse space
  • 6/19: Human Resources moves to Main Campus South Temporary Buildings, ST-10 and ST-11
  • July (date TBD): Outreach moves permanently to Student Services Center, Room 203