Dual Credit Student Accepted into Intensive Summer Arabic Program

April 12, 2017 -- Dual Credit CNM student and Sandia High School graduating senior Kathleen Hess is one of 30 middle and high school students in the state selected to attend StarTalk, a free intensive Arabic-language program at the University of New Mexico June 26-July 14.
April 12, 2017

The federally funded program offered through the University of Maryland are intensive all-day Arabic courses and extracurricular activities focusing on connections between New Mexico and Arab communities, past and present. It is designed to promote critical language education.

“Kathleen is one of my best students,” said Bill Heenan, CNM Arabic instructor. “She is very motivated and can already converse in everyday situations.”

Heenan teaches two Arabic classes at CNM, both online. Hess is in the second semester class and is becoming proficient in reading and writing the language.

She said she is excited for the summer program, which will provide her with the opportunity to expand her knowledge of Arabic and learn to speak it more competently.

Hess became interested in the Arabic language a few years ago when her family traveled to Tunisia to attend a wedding.

“Everyone there spoke multiple languages and made us so welcome,” she said. “I realized Arabic was a good language to learn.”

She started her Arabic exploration by taking the “Survival Arabic” class through UNM Continuing Education taught by Heenan and continued at CNM this Spring Term. She will be attending Hillsdale College in Michigan in the fall.

Upon graduation from college, she hopes to live and work in the Arabic world.

CNM’s two Arabic classes, Beginning Arabic I (ARBC 1101) and Beginning Arabic 2 (ARBC 1102) are offered in both classroom and online settings through the Modern Languages program in the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences. The school also offers Spanish, French, Portuguese and American Sign Language.