Deans Council Participates in Wings for L.I.F.E. Dinner

July 24, 2013 -- As part of the CNM Deans Council’s continuing efforts to become more involved in the community, the group participated in a dinner at Wings for L.I.F.E. on the evening of July 22.
July 16, 2015

“During the dinner, we were able to share information about CNM. Many of the people who attended were interested in finding out about what CNM has to offer,” said Sydney Gunthorpe, Vice President of CNM Academic Affairs.  

 Wings for L.I.F.E. is a program for family members of inmates and newly released inmates. The organization’s weekly Monday meetings are a place to meet other people who are facing the challenges of everyday life. Among attendees were children whose parents are in prison. The meeting featured speakers who shared information about important life topics, such as finances, legal issues and family problems.

 L.I.F.E. stands for Life-skills Imparted to Families through Education. Many people take life-skills for granted but there are some who have never had the opportunity or have taken the opportunity to learn these important skills until now.

 Wings for L.I.F.E serves a meal four times a month at their Monday night meetings. They do that so that families can attend. Participants are able to hear speakers and interact with other families to discover new ways to strengthen their own relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

 "To support CNM's goal of community success, we felt this would be a great way to give back. We look forward to other opportunities in the future to reach out and support our community partners." said Donna Diller, dean of the School of Business & Information Technology.