Convocation All About CNM Community

August 27, 2014 -- CNM’s Convocation on Friday celebrated faculty and staff, gave a select few the opportunity to passionately express their thoughts about “Changing Lives, Building Community," and a few faculty and staff were presented with annual awards.
July 16, 2015

The morning kicked off with speakers, all faculty and staff, giving TED-style talks about various aspects of CNM. Speakers included Asa Stone, Carly Huffman, Desiree Pike and Ruby Encinias; Jennifer Cornish; Kim Gieck; Brandon Morgan; Molly Blumhoefer; Diane Evans-Prior; Jim “Grubb” Graebner; Kris Roush; and Luis Campos.

Between the talks, videos showcased the full-time and part-time faculty who were named Distinguished Faculty from each of CNM’s six schools. The 11 Distinguished Faculty members included Khaled Kassem, Ronald Forstbauer, Kathleen Kaestner, Mark Danley, Paul Dow, Anita Evans, James Gore, Anna Griego, Mark Love-Williamson, Carol Rogers and Kris Roush.


From that group of 11 who represented their schools, President Winograd announced the CNM Full-time Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year – Carol Rogers; and the CNM Part-time Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year – Khaled Kassem.

That was followed by the announcement of the PNM Staff Award recipients — Liz Mockley (senior business systems analyst, Enrollment Services), Penny DeRose (instructional technician, School of Business & Information Technology), Christine Duncan (bursar, Cashier’s Office) and Lee Carrillo (senior director, Financial Aid).


President Winograd also acknowledged the inaugural group of Presidential Fellows for their work over the past year. They included Joshua Krause and Kelly Peters, Presidential Fellows for Curriculum; David Valdes, Presidential Fellow for Innovation; and Brian Sailer, Presidential Fellow for Distance Learning. She then announced the new Presidential Fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year. They are Kat Flies, Presidential Fellow for Instructional Technology; Fang Chen, Presidential Fellow for Competency Based Curriculum; and John Diggelman, Presidential Fellow for Retention and Graduation.