Congratulations to all the 2021 Spring Values Champions

Here are the names and nominations for the both the individual and team recipients
May 19, 2021





Erica Reed


Bill Collier


Miranda Evjen Sanchez


Tisha Halliday


Tyler Anderson



TEAM- Department/Group


Physical Plant – Facilities


Chemistry Lab/Lecture Coordinators


Biology Lab/Lecture Coordinators


COVID-19 Casing Team


Holiday Helpers


Nursing PT/FT Faculty


Caring Values Champion: Erica Reed
Nominator: Erica Volkers Barreiro

Erica Reed Nomination: We define our "be caring" value as "creating a nurturing, respectful, and trusting environment of growth and development" and as I reflect upon this leadership work of this nominee, I can't think of a more apt description for what this individual works to achieve for faculty at CNM. She has built strong teams of faculty volunteers to serve as a respected and trusted network of support for developing and growing professional knowledge and skills of their colleagues--by faculty for faculty. She has led this work at CNM for several years, but at no point has it been more critical than during the last year—the most disruptive year in our history to teaching and learning environments. Launching into action in April 2020, with a resource for faculty on trauma-informed teaching, she created and coordinated weekly emails to faculty, designed to provide relevant, bite-size tips and resources that faculty could quickly implement into their work to support students during this disruption. She also led the CTL team in the organization and virtual design and delivery of Faculty Focus Day and the Cooperative Teaching & Learning Conference which served to provide almost 1,000 faculty/staff with relevant and time learning. And throughout all of her work, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to equity, to student success, and to teaching and learning.

Connected Values Champion: Bill Collier
Nominator: Marvin Martinez and the Shout Out Committee

Bill CollierNomination: A select number of employees have been at CNM throughout the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure essential services remained available and the campus was maintained. Now, as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out and New Mexico's numbers improve, we're excited to welcome more staff and instructors back to campus with all of the standard safety protocols remaining in place. Over the coming weeks we'll be highlighting some of the folks who have been on campus for many months or just returned recently. This week we spoke to Bill Collier, a Physical Plant Department Coordinator. During the outbreak he and his team have helped with a number of ongoing projects including the Ken Chappy Hall renovation and the new Marketplace at CNM. They've also worked tirelessly to make the campus COVID-19 compliant. "I believe in the commitment that CNM has to its students, staff, and faculty and I want to do everything I can to help people come back to campus safely," he says.

Miranda Evjen SanchezCourageous Values Champion: Miranda Evjen Sanchez
Nominator: Todd Johnson

Nomination: Miranda is the prime example of Courageous.  Throughout this COVID-19 period she has been open to every idea that would help our students stay connected to CNM.  Understood that changes needed be made and worked with our team to make sure they were done with ease, kindness and responsive as their base.  Miranda has made it easy for our team to adapt to the changing landscape and be available to students at a 100% capacity. Always thinking ahead, innovative with her ideas, and standing behind ours.  COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone.  Working from home for some has been hard, she has used her fearless leadership, ideas and willingness to adapt to make the situation as close to “normal” for her employees.  The very definition of Courageous.

Exceptional Values Champion: Tisha Halliday
Nominator: Juliane Ziter

Nomination: During the Fall term, the COVID-19 Call Team dealt with a critical volume of Failed Health Assessments reflecting the rapidly growing expansion of symptoms and infection in the local community.  As a member of the COVID-19 Call Team, Tisha stepped up to take on many extra shifts when other team members were unable to cover their shifts.  Additionally, Tisha performed administrative tasks that helped Karen Montoya and Juliane Ziter to manage the Call Team function.  This included updating protocols, helping to train new team members, providing weekly summaries of COVID-19 and symptom events, and developing the calendar of team assignments.  Finally, when we had an unusually difficult case that required putting many students and employees out on quarantine, Tisha took the lead instead of the team member who was too new to manage such a complex process.  She managed and oversaw the team of 3 members who were assigned to work on this large case of quarantines.  Tisha demonstrated the essence of "Be Exceptional".  She consistently had a positive attitude, switched gears quickly, and responded in an extremely helpful manner.  She never made us feel like she didn't think the COVID-19 Call work was important.Tisha Halliday

Nominator: Clint Wells

Nomination: At the beginning of the pandemic Tisha like many people started making masks to get to people that needed them. From that grew a network of friends who joined in her effort. Word got out and she started receiving financial contributions from others who wanted to help but couldn't sew. As masks became more available and her fingers grew tired she decided to wind down her mask making business, but what to do with the contributions? Through her casing work with students she began to hear that more than a few could use help getting PPE for their clinicals so she reached out to the foundation and HWPS and established a fund at the foundation (with a pretty dang large gift) for students needing PPE for their clinicals.

Inspiring Values Champion: Tyler Anderson
Nominator: Matt Thomas

Nomination: In the Summer of 2020 CNM received CARES I funding that allowed the academic schools to purchase PPE for those classes that simply had to be taught face-to-face in order for students to meet learning outcomes. In HWPS, that meant well over 120 safety assessment plans in addition to numerous clinical sites in which we had to determine the appropriate PPE, the quantity of PPE required and how to procure it. The first two was relatively simple (although we found ways to make it difficult) but the third (procurement) was downright impossible. Thank goodness for Tyler Anderson.Tyler Anderson

In short, HWPS inundated Tyler with orders when PPE supplies were at best scarce and at worst counterfeit. To this day, we are not quite how he managed – and continues to manage – to find supplies at the last moment when vendors have inadvertently sent counterfeit supplies, unexpectedly cancelled orders at the last minute or sent the wrong item. Despite the bevy of problems from vendors and changing requirements, interacting with Tyler was always one of the friendliest encounters in our day. If not for his dedication, then we have no doubt HWPS would not have been able to send students to clinical sites timely and perhaps not even have been able to instruct students in our own classrooms.  His ability to communicate with stakeholders, his knowledge of procurement, his commitment to CNM and the students we serve and his ability to “get it done” is simply a lesson in inspiration for all of us.

Thank you, Tyler!


Caring Team Values Champions: Physical Plant – Facilities:


Molly Blumhoefer

Adriana Casas

Jennie Davis

Marie Shaver Holloway

Rick Latham

Billy Lorne

Peter Siebert

Nominator: Shout Out Committee


The PPD Facilities team worked over break to manage ongoing construction projects including the demolition of the N building. The Facilities team went above and beyond by hosting meetings and guiding the architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors to ensure that these projects stayed on track.

Connected Team Values Champions: Chemistry Lab/Lecture Coordinators


Karissa Addamane

Brian Bartlett

Ivy Crockett

Kevin Divine

Elizabeth Dolan

Joe Eridon

Julie Fuller

Carol Martinez

Mark Pecak

Janet Penevolpe

Shaorong Yang

Nominator: Brian Sailer


Chemistry is traditionally a topic taught best in person, combining hands-on laboratory work with lecture and problem-solving sessions. When CNM transitioned to all online learning during spring 2020, the chemistry instructors had to react and adapt quickly to move into this new environment.
The chemistry laboratory and lecture coordinators quickly embraced this challenge and sought to create innovative online experiences for the chemistry students. They worked together in a unique way, pairing seasoned DL instructors with non-DL trained face-to-face coordinators. This not only led to rapid development of the classes for online delivery, it helped to train the less experienced instructors for the challenging months ahead in 2020.
The result was the deployment of the majority of CNM's chemistry courses in an online format for the summer 2020 term. These coordination groups went further, though, refining their courses and developing 8, 12- and 15-week versions for the fall 2020 term to satisfy scheduling demands. During the fall term the transition to Brightspace was embraced by the coordination teams, further leading to all the chemistry courses, except for two, being offered in Brightspace for the spring 2021 term.
Creating an inviting and interactive laboratory experience was the biggest challenge the coordinators faced. Through a combination of software, video demonstrations and at home experiments, the course coordinators took the initiative and developed a robust environment for student learning and support.

By the start of the spring 2021 term, the coordinators were responsible for developing 8 new template-level online course shells and 14 template shells in total, that have supported both student online success and the teaching efforts of their colleagues.
Throughout this process, the CONNECTED grouping of faculty has led to better cooperation and communication among the faculty, and created a rigorous, student focused learning environment. These outcomes demonstrate how the chemistry coordinators embody the core value of Be Connected.

Courageous Team Values Champions: Biology Lab/Lecture Coordinators


Corrie Andries

Karen Bentz

Greg Broussard

Jennifer Buntz

Mark Danley

Anna Gilletly

Megan Hancock

Susan Johnson

Terri Koontz

Sierra Netz

Paul Polechla

Heather Simpson

Jessie Smith

Susan Tappen

Patricia Wilber

Nominator(s): Phil Carman, Heather Fitzgerald, Phil Lister, Brian Sailer


At the time CNM transitioned to all online instruction in March 2020, Biology seemed to be well situated due to their embrace of online instruction over the past 10+ years. It quickly became evident, though, that a need existed to support and provide materials for a multitude of full and part time instructors who had never taught in an online environment. To this extent, the lecture and laboratory coordinators in biology displayed the core value of "Be Courageous", as they sought to face and address these challenges.
The coordinators immediately began creating template shells which could be quickly deployed to all faculty teaching a particular course. The goal of the templates was to maintain rigor, and minimize student and faculty frustration upon moving to online instruction. The coordinators then served as Teaching Assistants in all sections of the class they coordinated, to quickly fix issues that arose and provide technical and academic support to their colleagues.
Part of this effort was the creation of several brand new online template course shells for courses which had only been taught in person. This effort resulted in a full suite of biology courses, lectures and labs, being offered during the fall 2020 term.  The efforts of this courageous team of coordinators did not stop in Fall term, as they tackled the heavy lift of rebuilding all of these template courses in the new Brightspace LMS.

By the start of the spring 2021 term, the coordinators were responsible for developing 6 new template-level online course shells and 23 template shells in total. Some of these templates are being used for 30+ sections of a single course.
By taking the initiative and driving the creation of the dozens of online template courses, this COURAGEOUS team of biology coordinators provided a successful online experience that supported student success and the success of their faculty colleagues.

Ethical Team Values Champions: COVID-19 Casing Team


Susan Andres

Stacey Blakemore

Stacey Cooley

Gene Duran

Elizabeth Encinias

Tisha Halliday

Poppy Johnson-Renvall

Valerie Martinez

Kevin Misiak

Bridget O'Leary-Storer

Charnia Parrish

Vicki Wood

Nominators: Michael Anaya and Ann Lynn Hall


The COVID-19 casing team has been providing ethical and consistent support to the CNM community to keep our community safe. Each team member responds to reports of students and employees who fail their daily health self-assessment or who report positive COVID-19 tests. They respond in a caring way to get information and educate our community members about New Mexico and CNM’s protocols. This team continues to demonstrate ethical practices in interacting with our community – even over break, when they monitored people who were on their caseload and/or who had failed health assessments. Thank you to the COVID-19 casing team for your work!

Exceptional Team Values Champions: Holiday Helpers


Ina Apache

Alexis Argumedo

Phillip Baca

Valerieann Baca

Katharine Baggett

Antoinette Barela

Cheri Bullard

Genevieve Buskirk

Antoinette Chavez       

Cyerrah Chavez

Leona Chavez

Alan Cherino

Lisa Cook

Diane Craig

Glenn Damiani

Madeline Daugherty

Heather Dodson-Smith

Julie Fields

Arge Flores

Matthew Fuentes

Kelli Gallardo

Eric Christopher Garcia

Joshua Garcia

Francine Garza

Deb Geoffrion

Philip Giuliano

Patrick Gomez

Melissa Gonzales

Andrea Gurrola

Marlynn Hermosillo

Georgia Herrera

Todd Johnson

Kathleen Johnston

Marquetta Keller

Rochelle Lee

Delicia Leyba

Brandon Lopez

Natalie Lovato

Jimmy Luna

Angelique Madrid

Andrea Martinez

Lidia Martinez

Brenda Mendez de Andrade

Rosenda Minella

Rachel Minnaar

Crystal Montoya

Sally Moore

Jannet Morales

Carol Muniz

Patrick Murphy

Cruz Ortega

Lindsey Padilla

Charnia Parrish

Miranda Parsons

Denise Proctor

Micki Pyszkowski

Ana Rodriguez

Dominic Romero

Gerald Romero

Carlos Ronquillo

Joseph Ryan

Kris Samora

Miguel Sedillo

Lisa Smith

Willie Smoker

Shelli Sutton

Dylan Thompson

Donna Trujillo

Keri Waits

Xenia Wheeler

Rochelle Yazzie

Daniela Zamora

Ariel Zellermayer

Nick Zetterholm

Nominators: Ann Lyn Hall and Samantha Sengal


We would like to nominate the “Holiday Helpers” team of employees who worked over break to support our students with any needs that they had while the college was closed. They supported students with questions from intersession classes to questions about spring classes at CNM. They helped students get admissions, registration, transcripts, pay, financial aid, and advisement! Our students really appreciated getting help! Over 4,000 students received help!

Inspiring Team Values Champions: Nursing PT/FT Faculty


Janet Abernathy

Elizabeth Alongi

Luis Anaya

Ken Armstrong

Dianna Baca

Valerie Barboa

Claudia Barrientos-Hickox

Gladys Buchanen

Wasan Cartwright

Kathleen Chalaron

Yulia Cole

Kelly Cook

Robyn Dandridge

Robin Fitzpatrick

Carole Garofail

Mary Ann Geeze

Fateesha Graff

Jennifer Graham

Anthony Hume

Martha Ibarra-McFaddon

CeAnne Jacques

Patricia Justice

Tamara Kittridge

Janette Kottong

Lisa Leiding

Susan Leviton

Jodie Lynam

Laurie Mason

Tranette Meador

Amberlee Montono

Audrey Morton

Cynthia Nuttall

Christopher O'Donnell

Yolanda Ortega

Heather Rider

Cheryl Robertson

Iran Rodriguez

Samantha Salmon

Margaret Sherma

Susan Shook

Katrina Singh

Kerri Sullivan

Tomi Sundheimer

Michelle Treme

Georgenne Truesdell

Douglas Walker

Edna Watts

Gwendolynn Weishapl

Diane Wesner

Shannon Williams

 Nominator: Diane Evans-Prior


My team pivoted the nursing program from fully face to face to mostly online in a matter of weeks. They learned no fewer than seven new online platforms (including Brightspace), learned how to teach skills via Zoom, and kept students engaged, learning, and positive.

While I recognize that the whole college had to pivot quickly, our program really pulled together and put in hundreds of additional hours of sweat equity into innovation. There was no handbook for this, which is particularly problematic for a profession centered on evidence-based practice. Every aspect of teaching has been touched - and in many ways we are better for it. I want to acknowledge my team's commitment to the college, school, and program.