Computer Coding Students Win Lavu ‘Hackathon’

January 7, 2015 -- Five students from CNM’s Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp at the STEMulus Center surfaced as winners of the first Lavu “Hackathon.” The students created an app to allow Lavu customers to better manage their inventory.
July 16, 2015

Local developers were invited to participate in the Hackathon to enhance Lavu software by using Lavu’s Software Development Kit and Lavu iPad POS (Point of Sale) open API.

The competition was very close, but the CNM team, called Team Zero, emerged the victors. The students created a “Lazy Inventory” solution for Lavu iPad POS. The team had five members, including Mark Hayes, Zach Grant, Gerardo Medrano, Dameon Smith and Ryan Sloan, who learned about the event through the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp.

The team won a $1,000 prize that they split evenly. In addition, their creation can now be used by Lavu’s worldwide customer base. In addition to enhancing Lavu’s software, the students have also greatly enhanced their résumés.

Lavu sells point-of-sale software for restaurants and hotels to conduct their business on mobile devices like tablets. Lavu software allows establishments to integrate all their front- and back-end operations.

The students’ app makes it faster and easier to access the inventory control panel in the Lavu system.

The next Hackathon will be the weekend of Jan. 23 at the CNM STEMulus Center. Those interested in participating can register at