First Cohort of Fast Track Business Students Graduating After 15-Month Program

December 3, 2015 -- After 15 months, the first cohort of nine students in CNM’s “Fast Track” Business Administration Associates of Applied Science degree program will walk in the college’s graduation ceremony on Dec. 12.
December 03, 2015

The “Fast Track” Business Administration Associate degree program began Oct. 16, 2014, with classes held Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30-8:20 p.m., along with online instruction. The business administration degree program on average takes students two to three years to complete, but in the fast track mode it takes 15 months. The students followed the same curriculum as the traditional program, only in an accelerated format.

As part of the fast track program, the students were assigned faculty mentors. The students went through the program as a cohort – the same students progressed through the same classes together. They also received an iPad with all of their textbooks loaded onto the device. Dinner and parking were provided each evening at CNM’s STEMulus Center in Downtown Albuquerque.

The program was taught by highly qualified instructors with business backgrounds. The fast track format was designed by CNM full-time faculty members who worked as a team to integrate and teach the curriculum using the Competency Based Education approach. The classes were offered over seven-week periods with a mixture of in-person and online components. The classes were fast-paced and offered in half the time of standard classes.

The next cohort in the program will begin Jan. 20.