CNM Creates Innovative Multimedia Textbook on NM History

August 20, 2015 -- For the first time, students at CNM are using digital interactive learning to study New Mexico history. The Multimedia Interactive Learning Experience (MILE) was written by a CNM faculty member and developed by CNM staff.
August 20, 2015

While large textbook companies are selling interactive e-books, the CNM MILE, “The History of New Mexico,” is possibly the only one in the country written and developed by a community college, said Audrey Gramstad, CNM Administrative Director of Distance Learning & Instructional Support. She conceptualized and coordinated the New Mexico History project.

“The MILE is filled with videos, interactive photos and pictures that bring history alive and make learning fun,” Gramstad said.

(A video preview of the multimedia New Mexico History class is at the bottom of this page.)

For example, students get to see and hear through a video a real Navajo Code Talker tell about his experiences decoding Japanese messages in World War II. Click here to listen to the MILE’s author, Brandon Morgan, Ph.D., faculty member in CNM’s School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, talk about his approach to teaching "The History of New Mexico."

Interactive elements break the text into fun learning experiences while students explore New Mexico from prehistory into the 21st Century.

Each of the MILE’s 16 chapters has accompanying videos that make learning about history more interesting and interactive. Each chapter also comes with a quiz so students can test their knowledge at any time.

Also working on the MILE were CNM’s Melanie Magdalena, Multimedia Specialist; Jacob Lujan, who was a student employee at the time of development; and Jose Pedraza, also a work-study student. Lujan is now a full-time Multimedia Specialist of the Distance Learning department.

“The History of New Mexico” is a multi-platform experience distributed on the web that can be used on a smart phone, tablet or computer. Students are using it for the first time during the current intersession classes between summer and fall terms. All of Morgan’s New Mexico history classes will also use it this fall. Students pay $49.95 for the MILE, much less than the four books it replaced.