CNM Recipient of $50,000 Scholarship Graduates from UNM

June 7, 2016 -- The CNM recipient of a $50,000 USDA Healthy Meals Fit for Life Scholarship has graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.
June 07, 2016

Suzanne Porter-Bolton received the scholarship in 2013 while a student at CNM. The award helped her complete her degree in a reasonable amount of time. “Without the scholarship, it probably would have taken me at least seven or eight years – maybe more – to earn my bachelor’s degree,” she said.

The purpose of the Healthy Meals program grant is to promote and strengthen the ability of Hispanic-serving institutions to carry out higher education programs in the food and agricultural sciences. The opportunity to apply for the USDA Healthy Meals Fit for Life scholarship was available to students in various programs. However, the study of nutrition and dietetics is particularly suited to achieving the aims and goals of the Healthy Meals Fit for Life program.  The scholarship was designed to enable the continued study of nutrition and dietetics at either UNM or New Mexico State University.

Now that she has graduated, Porter-Bolton said she will be teaching Nutrition 244 at UNM in the fall, and is going to apply for the graduate nutrition and dietetics program and internship at UNM.

Pursuing her education impacted her entire family. “My returning to school was hard on my children and husband,” she said. “My husband and I own a small business and work together. My children were still in elementary school when I started attending CNM. Phil and I had to work around my class schedule and I remember many occasions sitting at my desk with one child sitting on each side of me while I did my homework. I learned very quickly that it was better for them if I waited until they went to bed before I did my studying. Because we went through this experience together, I believe my children have a better understanding of the effort and dedication needed to excel in school and reach a goal.”

She added, “I feel so very blessed and humbled to have been given this opportunity. Winning this scholarship has been life changing. While pursuing my goal has been, at times, difficult and there have been times when I felt exhausted, I have strived to do my best.  As I go forward, I hope to practice in an area of dietetics were I can have the largest impact on improving and maintaining the health of my fellow New Mexicans.”