CNM’s Mount Trashmore Wins Best Case Study Award

April 15, 2015 -- CNM won the “Best Case Study” award in the Recycling Category for its Mount Trashmore event held March 4 as part of the RecycleMania Tournament, a national competition among colleges to see which can recycle the highest percentage of their total waste.
July 16, 2015

“It’s cool that we won,” said Carson Bennett, CNM’s Campus as a Living Lab Faculty Liaison. “This shows that CNM is doing some very unique, very innovative, very valuable things when it comes to recycling and sustainability.”

He found out about the award on Monday when the results of the national competition were posted on the RecycleMania website.

Any of the participating colleges and universities could enter a case study on key events of their RecycleMania program. The case studies were required to be written in a way that allows other schools to use them as a template if they want to have a similar event.

Bennett said the CNM case study will be featured on the national RecycleMania page and will be recognized by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, the main clearinghouse for colleges and universities regarding sustainability.

During Mount Trashmore, more than 115 student volunteers sorted through trash from two large buildings on Main Campus, separating recyclables from actual waste. Mount Trashmore provided students with a valuable lesson on how much recyclable material is unnecessarily taken to the dump on a daily basis instead of to a recycling plant. Additionally, CNM hosted an elementary school visit, invited local companies to display recycling information booths, integrated data and activities into classroom curricula, and exhibited educational sustainability presentations, documents, and videos created by CNM students. All of these efforts helped CNM win the 2015 RecyleMania Case Study competition.

Overall, CNM fared extremely well in the RecycleMania competition. The college finished 26th out of 232 schools, recycling 54.7 percent of its trash. The competition ran from Feb. 2 through March 29.