CNM Enters Home Stretch of RecycleMania Competition

March 16, 2016 -- With two weeks to go in the national RecycleMania competition, the college is recycling 51 percent of the trash it produces.
March 16, 2016

“We rank 32nd out of 191 schools in the competition and expect that to improve in the final days,” said Luis Campos, executive director of CNM’s Physical Plant.

RecycleMania is a national competition with colleges from throughout the country competing to see which school can recycle the most waste on a per-capita basis, which produces the least amount of waste, and which recycles the largest percentage of overall waste. Winning colleges will receive trophies made of recycled materials and bragging rights as national champions.

CNM’s RecycleMania activities kicked off Feb. 11 with a RecycleaMania Education Expo attended by more than 100 students at the Physical Plant Department.


That was followed by Mt. Recylemore (formally known as Mt. Trashmore), an event in which students sort through trash to see how much recyclable material could be going to a recycling plant instead of a landfill. The event was scaled down this year due to various factors, but more than 150 K-12 students participated, coming from The International School at Mesa Del Sol, Dolores Gonzales Elementary and Jefferson Middle School.

CNM’s student chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council also has played a leading role in RecycleMania.

“This year the focus for the RecycleMania event was to have the CNM US Green Building Student Chapter lead and advocate CNM’s recycling program,” he said.  “USGBC students know what it means to live sustainably and are the best advocates for transforming schools into places that are inspiring, thought-provoking and good for the planet and everyone on it.”

He added that CNM’s USGBC students are hard at work transforming CNM’s campuses, community and careers. The CNM USGBC Student Chapter worked with the K-12 school teachers, asking them to include a learning section within their classes on recycling and had the students create posters showcasing what they learned. The chapter worked with local organizations and vendors that are focused on recycling to set up information tables at the Physical Plant, providing students with additional information on what the local community is doing to reduce waste.  

Also as part of this event, the CNM USGBC Student Chapter provided tours of Robert P. Matteucci Hall to showcase sustainable building features.

Other RecycleMania activities include an Adopt-a-Recycling Bin contest, a seminar on bottled water, a seminar on raising chickens, and the Art of Upcycling. Winners of the Adopt-a-Recycling Bin Conest will be announced next week. A student conference on March 31 will conclude RecycleMania. Final results of the national RecycleMania competition will be available in early April.