Make 2016 a Healthy Year -- Join Weight-Loss Jackpot Challenge

January 8, 2016 -- Get in the healthy spirit, drop weight and take a chance on hitting the jackpot! CNM employees are encouraged to participate in the “Choose to Lose! Weight-Loss Jackpot Challenge” and compete against teams from CNM, UNM and APS for a jackpot of cash.
January 06, 2016

You can join in teams of three to five people and strive to lose an average of 6 percent of body weight in 12 weeks. The members of teams who achieve the goal split the jackpot. And most importantly, it’s a great way to get fit, enjoy camaraderie and have the support of teammates. The challenge starts Feb. 1. 

How big will the pot get? Sign up and find out, and encourage your coworkers to join in so you can help each other along the way. The more people who enter, the more fun and the more support for you, and the bigger the jackpot.

How it works

  • The jackpot grows as players join.
  • Your goal: get your team of 3-5 to lose an average of 6% of body weight in 12 weeks.
  • Every team that hits the weight loss goal splits the jackpot.
  • If your team hits the goal, you are guaranteed a payout!
  • Each person puts $20/month for 3-months or $60 into the pot.
  • Your payout will never be smaller than your investment; usually much more.

You can invite your family and friends too!

Get ready to start losing weight on Feb. 1.