CNM Employees Honored for Excellence

April 9, 2014 -- Several of CNM’s outstanding faculty and staff were recognized on April 4 for their excellent contributions to CNM over the past year. They were honored during a luncheon on Main Campus. The submissions for their award nominations are below.
July 16, 2015

Ray Montoya

Ray has demonstrated exceptional communication with the students, staff and faculty at Montoya Campus. He can identify the needs of the students and help them while he is supporting the CNM values of caring and hope.

Ivonne Nelson

Ivonne's courses contribute directly to student success. The need for great programmers in the community has never been greater. The fact that Ivonne knows how to do this well plays a vital role in contributing to CNM's overall organizational success and excellence.

Patricia Seitz

Pat plays an essential role in the ongoing development of a practical, functional assessment model. Her genuine belief in the importance of assessment accompanied by her leadership and enduring good humor, has been a key element in revitalizing assessment efforts in CHSS. 

Steven Severance

Steven saw how many USB drives were being left behind in the computer labs by students. He came up with the idea to warn students when they logged out of the computer that their USB drives were still in the computer.

Halie Ray

Halie came up with a visual demo to show students how to find their comments with online grading when they look at “myGrades” in myCNM, as well as their comments when included in an attached file. Halie's visual worked like a charm. 

Raymond Trujillo

Ray has written a program newsletter to share happenings, helpful tips, course offerings and many other things related to the program. The newsletter has helped re-connect industry with the program advisory committee and strengthen relations with our graduates' future employers.

Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis has, without a doubt, supported CNM's Strategic Direction. Her commitment to all of the projects she is involved with is in full support of CNM values, particularly excellence, caring and hope. She has created and sustained a diverse system for growth, development and support of both employees and students.

TerryLynn Vigil

In the last year, TerryLynn has stepped up to a leadership role within the faculty who teach these special sections. She has mentored for new faculty teaching SPACE, provided training and materials for all SPACE instructors and also shared with faculty her enthusiasm and high expectations for her students.

Wayne Bodmer

Wayne consistently goes above and beyond in serving customers of WTC as well as WTC staff. He helps with setup and purchases and serves as a technology "guru" here at WTC. Wayne Bodmer goes above and beyond on a regular basis.

Jim Johnson

Jim went beyond his normal work duties by assisting with the planning of the Mountain States Teaching of Psychology Conference. This conference would not have been a success without the extra hours Jim put in.

Lucas Holmquist

We really appreciate his dedication to us and that he went out of his way to make sure that the Contact Center was up and running. I can’t tell you how much it meant to us. Good work, great support.

Dmitri Morenike

Seeing that the Truck Driving program was running short on instructors, Dmitri stepped in and started working with the students. His overall presentation and ability to work with the students was outstanding.