CNM Connect the New Hub for Student Connectivity

Just under a year ago, CNM Connect was only an ambitious vision.
August 31, 2016

February 2011

Just under a year ago, CNM Connect was only an ambitious vision.

"It's not a vision anymore," said Ann Lyn Hall, a CNM Connect co-team leader with Jennifer Cornish. "It's here, and students were showing up on Monday (Feb. 14)."

Monday was the official launch date for CNM Connect, the College's new and innovative way of connecting students with the wide array of services and resources that can help them overcome challenges, maximize their potential and succeed as a student. It will serve as an information and service hub for students, providing access to both internal and external resources, as well as an access point to the existing services provided by a CNM Connect team member.
Achievement coaches, student success team leaders and administrative personnel are now staffing new CNM Connect locations at every campus. Students will no longer have to guess, or be pointed in different directions, when they seek access or information about various support systems, resources or procedures at the college.

"When students come to CNM Connect, they will know that they did not come through the wrong door," said Jennifer Cornish, multi-campus director and CNM Connect co-team leader. "They won't have to bounce around to get answers. We will make sure their issues are handled in a holistic way. We will help students navigate CNM and understand all of the support systems that are available to them."

According to a recent survey of students that was used in planning for CNM Connect, many students said they would get frustrated when they asked a CNM employee about a program or service and didn't get the information they sought. Now, students will have a one-stop-shop that can provide information about services at the college, and in the community, that can help them succeed as a student.

"When a student walks in the door of CNM Connect, we'll not only help them with the issue that is most pressing in their mind, but we will talk to them and let them know about other services that might be able to help them," Ann Lyn Hall said. "If they come in asking about an Academic Affairs process, we'll help them with that. But we will also ask them, for instance, if they're aware of the financial aid process. We'll help students navigate CNM, especially the bridges between Academic Affairs and Student Services."

CNM Connect staff members will also be able to do screenings on site for 16 public benefits programs. Through a partnership with a local law firm, legal services can also be provided to students struggling with issues that require legal advice.

"For any common barriers that our students face, we'll be able to help them get over those barriers," Jennifer Cornish said.

Following are the five primary areas that CNM Connect will address:

Life Coaching and Learning Strategies – such as time management, study skills advice, stress management and test anxiety management.

Financial Planning Help – such as financial education workshops, one-on-one financial coaching and creating a personal budget.

CNM Education Resources – such as major and career exploration, tutoring and workshops on academic excellence.

Supplemental Financial Resources – such as financial aid and scholarship information, as well as public benefits screenings and help filling out applications.

Community Resources – such as guidance on how to access emergency food, shelter or clothing, child care support or legal help.
"We have an amazing team of staff members who are committed, knowledgeable and good people," Ann Lyn Hall said. "We are very excited about how they will contribute to the success of CNM Connect."

* Student Success Team Leader
** CNM Connect Achievement Coach