CNM Community Support Plan

April 02, 2020

As part of CNM’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, the college seeks to create a process to (1) identify college resources that might be of use to our community during the pandemic, (2) coordinate and respond to pandemic-related requests for assistance, and (3) chronicle CNM’s community support.    

CNM’s strong partnerships with public, private and non-profit entities are built on relationships held by many of our employees. Requests for support from our community and state have and will continue to be received by many of us.  provides a single channel for all employees to forward requests so that the college can use a standardized process to determine whether or not support can be provided.  

Communicating CNM’s Community Support Plan can be accomplished through emails to CNM leaders, general communications to employees through MCO’s various channels and targeted outreach to specific divisions of the college. 

Identify CNM resources:

  • Create an inventory of items that could be of use in the community’s response to the pandemic (i.e. masks, gowns, medical equipment)
  • Create an inventory of expertise that could be of use in the community’s response to the pandemic (i.e. chemists, medical technicians)
  • Create an inventory of CNM volunteers interested in playing support roles throughout the community

 Coordinate requests for assistance:

  • Receive requests through
  • Upon receipt, coordinate with respective college leaders who oversee resources requested to evaluate CNM’s ability to meet the request
  • Bring request and recommendation to Executive Team for determination based on availability, costs, risks, containment measures, resources required to grant the request, needs of and benefit to the community, and CNM’s relationships with requesting entities
  • Communicate CNM’s decision with requesting individual or organization and, in those instances where CNM will be able to fulfill the request, coordinate delivery
  • Where CNM can meet the request, follow up with requesting individual or organization to ensure that CNM has completed our commitment

Chronicle CNM’s community support:

  • Provide consolidated, up-to-date report of all CNM resources provided
  • In coordination with MCO, gather stories for future use in CNM communications
  • Thank CNM employees and community partners who are meeting the community’s critical needs during the pandemic