CNM Celebrates International Students

Dec. 4, 2013 -- CNM recently celebrated its foreign-born students during the week of International Students Day, which included an essay-writing contest focused on their experiences in America.
July 16, 2015

CNM’s 860 foreign-born students were honored through discussions in classes about how international students make CNM a richer, more diverse place of learning. CNM also gave international students an opportunity to write about their experiences in America in the first International Students Day Writing Contest.

Contest winners are First Place -- Life in America (Juliet Kabui);.Second Place -- My Experience Coming to the US (Diana Morales); Third Place (tie) -- Shock in America (Guadalupe Sanchez) and Life in France and the US (Caroline Lesage)

You can also watch this video and hear from some international students about their CNMcopy3_of_Diana.jpg experience.

International Students Day was recognized on Nov. 17.