CNM Employees Honored for Original Works

April 23, 2014 -- Thirty faculty and staff members were honored for original works they produced over the past year at the fourth annual CNM Authors Reception.
July 16, 2015


The event took place April 17 at the CNM Main Campus Library and the authors and artists greeted by Poppy Johnson-Renvall, director of CNM Libraries, and Sydney Gunthorpe, vice president for Academic Affairs.

“We are honoring not only authors, but individuals who did dissertations, fine arts, or conference presentations during the year as well,” said Renée Goodvin, chair of the CNM Authors Organizing Committee. “We have many talented people at CNM.”

Keynote speaker was Lynne Hinton, whose book “Pie Town” was the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards Winner in the category of Fiction, Adventure/Drama.

author1.jpgAmong the CNM faculty and staff honored for original works were Olivia Baca, Bonnie Bailey, Mary Bates-Ulibarri, Carson Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett, Terri Brown-Davidson, Luis Campos, Margo DeMallo, Julie Dunlop, Justin Golightly, George Ann Gregory, Karina Guzzi, Catherine Hain, David Hernandez-Rivero, Patrick Houlihan, Poppy Johnson-Renvall, Dianne R. Layden, Marvin F. Lozano, Thomas Ruiz-Fabrega, Don McIver, Patricia Miera, Jessica Mills, Hallie Ray, Jessica Rosazza-Williams, Jennifer Ruden, Susan Ruth, Sue Small, Asa Stone, Rastislav Telgarsky and Pamela Yenser.

The Authors Organizing Committee consisted of Renée Goodvin, Olivia Baca, Poppy Johnson-Renvall, Tomomi Miller, Wynn Harris and David Hernandez-Rivero.