CHSS Major Mixer Draws More than 125 Students and 25 Faculty

More than 125 students attended the Oct. 4 School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences Major Mixer, meeting faculty and learning about majors they are considering.
July 16, 2015

CHSS Dean Erica Volkers called the event “a great success.”

During the mixer, faculty and staff provided insights on majors and answered students’ questions. Students also had staff members walk them through degree audits to see how close they are to graduation.

“This was such a rewarding experience for faculty and students,” said Paula Smith-Hawkins, CHSS Associate Dean. “The students told me over and over again how much they appreciated the opportunity to talk with their faculty and peers in their majors.”

Asa Stone, psychology faculty, noted, “I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet psychology students, learn about their interests and share information with them in a school-supported event. I hope that students found the event helpful and that they are encouraged to pursue an Associate of Arts degree from CHSS. “

The mixer also drew enthusiasm from Elizabeth Bennett, sociology faculty: “Many students told me how much they appreciated the chance to learn more about majors and about CNM. I was happy to take part in organizing this first mixer and look forward to making next year's CHSS major mixer even better.”

Communications Faculty Member Monique Lacoste said, “It was great to see so many faculty members coming together to provide this unique experience for the students. I felt that I learned a great deal about other majors and programs in CHSS right alongside the students. This event reminded me how wonderful it is to be a part of a community of scholars who are dedicated to educating their students and learning from each other.”