Campuses Compete for CNM Recycling Bragging Rights

February 21, 2017 -- For the first time in the four years that CNM has participated in the national RecycleMania Tournament, the percentage of total waste that’s recycled at each of CNM’s campuses will be tracked for a friendly competition.
February 21, 2017

RecycleMania is an eight-week national competition that includes nearly 400 colleges and universities from around the U.S. and Canada. The schools will be ranked in various categories related to the amount of waste they recycle.

CNM competes in the national competition, but this year the college is also creating a competition among the campuses.

RecycleMania kicked off on Feb. 6. After the first week of campus competition, here’s how the campuses stacked up in terms of the percentage of total waste that was recycled at each location:

  • First Place – Workforce Training Center
  • Second Place – Westside Campus
  • Third Place – Rio Ranch Campus
  • Fourth Place – Advanced Technology Center
  • Fifth Place – Main Campus
  • Sixth Place – South Valley Campus
  • Seventh Place – Montoya Campus

News Link and Suncat Times will provide weekly updates on the campus competitions throughout the eight-week RecycleMania.