BIT Celebrates CNM’s 50th Anniversary with Health Campaign

February 19, 2015 -- To help celebrate CNM’s 50th Anniversary, the School of Business & Information Technology is concentrating on employee health.
July 16, 2015

“While reflecting on CNM turning 50, it occurred to me that for many people, turning 50 is a time of reflecting on our past and preparing for the future, making sure we are healthy and fit for the next 50 years,” said Donna Diller, BIT dean.  “At a curricular level we are evaluating our courses and programs making sure they are relevant for the workforce. On a personal note, I challenged the school to also set some 50th fitness challenges.”

Diller asked Kim Gieck, BIT achievement coach, if she would be interested in spearheading a “Fit in our 50th” campaign, and she accepted. The dean sent out an email and asked people to contact Kimi if they were interested in participating. Kim said the response was overwhelming.

“As a society we need to focus on health and fitness,” Diller said. “If we model these healthy behaviors for our kids and our students, hopefully we can see obesity rates and health care costs drop over time.”

Gieck came up with a plan that will be implemented over the next year. Her ideas include:

  • Five-minute fitness – where BIT faculty and staff will meet in the morning and do five minutes of easy exercises to start the day.
  • Steps competition – where departments will compete (Accounting vs. Business vs. Culinary Arts, etc.) during a period of time to see which one walks the most steps. A prize will be awarded to the winning department.
  • Walking clubs – Linda Shul and Francis Heise have already started one at the Montoya Campus.
  • BITFIT@50 Focus – where Gieck interviews faculty and staff about their health and exercise habits as a means to encourage others to begin a diet and/or exercise program. Those interviewed can be a resource and/or mentor for others.
  • One Minute Fit Tips – where Gieck will send out health and fitness tips through the BIT list serve that only take one minute to read
  • Gieck has also offered her coaching services to BIT faculty and staff for whatever health goal they would like to accomplish.


Editor’s Note: The following was the first BITFIT@50 Focus interview featuring Carol Rogers, Accounting Program chair and full-time Accounting faculty member. Kim Gieck asked Carol to finish the following three sentences:


BITFIT@50 Focus

  1. I started running . . . to lose weight. Like most people who have tried to lose weight, I went on numerous diets, tried various exercise programs, etc., but I couldn't stick with any of them very long! Four years ago this month, I decided to try a 13-week walk-to-run program. This program had me run three days a week, and it started out gently, which I definitely needed. For example, in the first week on the program, it had me run 30 seconds and walk 4-1/2 minutes and repeat that cycle for a total of 30-45 minutes. The next week I ran 1 minute and walked 4 minutes and repeated that cycle for 35-50 minutes. The program built on itself until, by the end of the 13 weeks, I was able to run for an hour. In May of 2011 I ran my first 10K in the Run for the Zoo. I have been running races since. The races help to keep me running. Once I sign up for a race and pay the money, I have to run it. I average about 25-30 races a year. Thus far, I have run races in Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii and, of course, New Mexico.


  1.  The best part of running is . . . when I get to run with family. Since I started running I have been able to run in races with my sister and 2 of my 4 brothers, and I have beaten them all. (That is a big thing when you are the baby of the family.) Another part of running that I wasn't even aware of is the whole running community. Everyone is so supportive and I truly appreciate all of the people here in BIT that let me drone on and on about running (Kim, Marty, Roshelle, Christine)


  1.  Looking back . . .I am not sure that I would change anything. Running works well for me now and I am still amazed that I have been able to stick with it. I know that at some point in the future I may not be able to run, but until that happens, I plan to keep on lacing up my running shoes and getting out there!