CNM Alum Unveils Painting to Represent CNM’s 50th Anniversary

February 6, 2015 -- A painting of a CNM student dressed in the signature blue graduation cap and gown, proudly waving a diploma in the air surrounded by sunlight, was unveiled Friday night as the art image that will represent the college’s 50th anniversary.
July 16, 2015

The private unveiling was done at a reception for the CNM Governing Board and CNM Foundation Board.

The artist is Fabian Pedroza, an alumni who graduated from CNM in 2012 with an associate degree in fine art with a concentration in studio art. He was commissioned to paint the liquid acrylic and water color painting – he was selected from 50 applicants.

“The painting is not only artistically beautiful and rich in colors, but it is also inspiring and representative of someone who succeeded and reached their goals,” said Regina Chavez, CNM Foundation Board member and head of the selection committee.

The Foundation announced last year that it was seeking to commission an artistic image that would help celebrate CNM’s 50th anniversary and convey the essence of the community college’s tremendously positive impact on central New Mexico through the past five decades.

The intent of the project was to highlight an artist who was a CNM student or graduate and allow their work of art to represent the college’s 50 years of excellence in the community. The artwork was required to be two-dimensional so that it could be reproduced as limited-edition serigraphs, which will be given to Foundation donors, and posters, which will be sold to the public for $10 each.

Pedroza, a professional artist, said he wanted to show in the art piece that “a person can accomplish anything they wish.”

“Since CNM was celebrating its 50th anniversary, I wanted to give the painting both an historic and positive look. That’s the reason the image resembles a traditional woodcut piece of art incorporated with bright colors,” he said. “I feel honored to have painted this piece as a CNM graduate.”

The posters of his painting will be on sale later this year. Proceeds from the poster sales will be applied toward student scholarships.

Chavez said the artwork selection committee consisted of a representative of the Foundation board, a representative of the Foundation staff, a CNM student, CNM alumni, CNM art instructor representing faculty, a member of the CNM Marketing and Communications Office and a professional artist.