A Story of Survival, A Story of Hope

February 26, 2014 -- Dawn Maestas, a domestic abuse survivor, mentor, tattoo removal artist and Albuquerque native, will give a presentation on her story as a survivor of domestic abuse at CNM’s Westside campus on Wednesday, March 12 at noon. Maestas has appeared on National Public Radio, local and national television and has given presentations around the country about surviving domestic abuse.
July 16, 2015

She will share her passion as she speaks about her devotion to help others avoid/transition out of abusive situations, and to help them get a fresh perspective on life. One of the several ways Maestas helps others is by removing tattoos placed on victims against their will by their abusers.

Maestas was a victim of domestic violence since childhood. She broke away from her own abusive relationship at age 28. She studied to be an aesthetician. Just before she took her board exams, she saw a television program about laser removal and immediately signed up for a class. She has been doing it ever since.

The presentation will be noon to 1:15 p.m. in Westside I, Room 304. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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