A Huge Values Champion Shout to the CNM Staff and Faculty that Worked Over Winter Break

The list of those who helped keep the campus running is long!
January 13, 2021

Many, many CNM staff and faculty members put in lots of extra work to ensure CNM could continue to offer services over winter break. We want to recognize many of those who participated and thank you for your help! 

COVID-19 Casing Team

Value: Ethical

The COVID-19 Casing Team has been providing ethical and consistent support to the CNM community to keep everyone safe. Each team member responds to reports of students and employees who fail their daily health self-assessment or who report positive COVID-19 tests. They respond in a caring way to get information out, and educate our community members about New Mexico's and CNM’s protocols. This team consistently demonstrate ethical practices in interacting with our community, even over break when they monitored people who were on their caseload and/or who had failed health assessments. Thank you to the team for your work!

Susan Andres
Stacey Blakemore
Stacey Cooley
Gene Duran
Elizabeth Encinias
Tisha Halliday
Poppy Johnson-Renvall
Valerie Martinez
Kevin Misiak
Bridget O'leary-Storer
Charnia Parrish
Vicki Wood


Value: Exceptional

The ITS department would like to recognize the following teams and employees for being Exceptional.

Desktop Support and Service Desk: These teams worked over the break to provide overall technical support for both staff and students.

Wayne Bodmer
Frances Terry
Mark Clark
Andrew Hostetler
Larry Leija
Ryan Poss
Sarafina Reza
Jeff Storer
Lee Tietjen
James Hobbs
Angel Gutierrez
Veera Charoensukvipad
Michael Jillson
D’Anna Oller
Krystal Loya
Lori Seikkula

LMS-Brightspace: This team worked over the break to provide post-implementation support for the new LMS as well as support for intersession students.

John Warren
Tristan Phan

Banner Support and Dev/Ops: These teams worked over the break to provide support for end-of-year business office activity, return-to-campus system enhancements, and the new job submission environment post-implementation support.

Andy Mueller
Josh Escareno

Infrastructure: This team worked over the break in the following areas: back-end technical support for the job submission environment, fire alarm response and two campus locations/support for Campus Security Dispatch, voice system/jabber support for the student support initiative over the break, and site construction support and urgent utility support at two campus site locations.

Preston Chick
Brandon LeFebre
Rich Black
Roger Soto

Cyber and Information Security: This team worked over the break to provide support for our VPN platform to ensure uninterrupted access for staff over the break as well as general threat monitoring and proactive mitigation. 

Pam Nicolary

Business Office

Value: Connected

Paul Armijo, DPC Supervisor, came in over the break to help the Foundation process a large year-end mailing to their donors. Paul’s willingness to come in and process this job helped the Foundation with their year-end fundraising goals. Paul is always willing to come in and help out as necessary. He treats people in a very welcoming way and never makes them feel like they are a problem. He connects with the staff around the college and always has a “we can make that happen attitude”.

Value: Caring

Cashier staff assisted students remotely by telephone and email over the holiday break. They answered questions, received payments, and processed refunds over a total of seven days. This work is essential to assisting enrollment services during the break and ensuring that student needs are helped while CNM is closed. The team consisted of the following staff from

Cashier's Office:
Shelli Sutton
Kathy Johnson
Nicholas Zetterholm
Dominic Romero
Antoinette Chavez
Natalie Lovato
Crystal Montoya

Value: Exceptional, Inspiring, and Ethical

Cheryl Maturino, Ben Rollag, and Adrienne Griego worked more than half of the winter break. This staff is always willing to step up and do whatever is needed to get the job done. The entire payroll team is exceptiona,l however these three really stepped up during the break and worked on projects such as ERB audits for employee retirement processing, Retiree Health Care reconciliation for payment due immediately upon return from break, W2 reconciliation, and bank account monitoring. Other accomplishments over the break included testing and implementing of multistate payroll reports and processes with various vendors, testing and implementing 2021 Federal and state tax tables in Banner, Preparation/testing of first payroll for 2021, and validation of 2021 benefit changes. When a new project or need comes up, they rise to the challenge and figure out how to get everything done on top of their already elevated workloads around year payroll and tax processing.

Value: Caring

Michal Chavez-Kerr coordinated with ITS and the Business Office on Banner upgrades and testing during the break. Our software vendor Ellucian issues upgrades related to tax changes for the coming year, however these tend to be released while CNM is on break. Michael makes sure the upgrades are installed and tested so that when staff returns in January, the system is ready to go. He communicates with staff and is available and responds to any issues.

Value: Ethical

Although CNM is closed, the business world continues to operate, so every year we have staff assigned to the Business Operations team which monitors the banking activities during the break. This helps ensure that any potential fraud is blocked and sufficient cash flow is in the account to process the payroll. This year, OMB issued the amendment to the compliance supplement during the break so staff responded to follow-up questions from the auditors so that they could finalize their auditing work. The ERP RFP was released before the break and so questions came in over the break that needed to be responded to. We appreciate all the staff that worked to address these issues and more that came up during the break and could not wait until we returned in January. This team consisted of:

Misty Ortiz
Normal Henderson
Feng Zhang
Wencui Yang
Chris Grant
Gerrie Becker

CNM Ingenuity

Value: Exceptional

CNM Ingenuity would like to recognize the following teams for their work over the break.

Unmudl: Allison Pendell Jones and Anna Jaramillo for ongoing monitoring of Unmudl needs and activities

ABQ CDL: Shanna Sanchez and the ABQ CDL team for extending training and testing into the week of Dec, 21 to accommodate participants

Deep Dive Coding: The Deep Dive Coding team for managing incoming applications

Senior Program Manager Holly Gurule
Coaches Reyes Coco, Raquel Garcia, Christina Gilroy, and Erica Padilla Saiz
Administrative Tech Mary Jane McCafferty
CNM Ingenuity Finance Pam Klemenz, Ashley Price, Chrissy Millard
CNM Business Office Wencui Yang, Yvette Zamora, Chris Grant
CNM DPC Paul Armijo

In Early December, ECECD asked CNM and CNMI to take on additional work to process the payments owed for Summer and Fall 2020. This was a team effort resulting in several hundred scholarship payments completed, which allowed participants to have the ability to more seamlessly enroll in the spring.

On the afternoon of Dec. 17, CNM/CNMI received the final signed amended ECECD (State of New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department) contract to process approx. $350,000 in Summer and Fall scholarship awards to colleges and book reimbursements to students across New Mexico. The goal was to process the payments BEFORE the CNM holiday break started on Dec. 19.

Mary Jane McCafferty (CNMI ECECD) and Chris Grant and her team (CNM's AP department) worked diligently obtaining W-9s and setting up all new vendors in preparation for the contract to be ready to process payments.

Ashley Price and Chrissy Millard (CNMI finance team) worked tirelessly to process 64 direct pay requests in one day! Every payable request was approved, audited, and Yvette Zamora (CNM AP) entered every payable into Banner to prepare for the check printing process. Then Paul Armijo (CNM DPC) coordinated the mailing of all these checks to the anxiously awaiting recipients.

Wencui Yang (CNM Business office) coordinated the funds transfer to CNMI's bank account to ensure that we had enough funds in the bank to process checks, and Misty Ortiz and Maichae Lopez (CNM Contracts & Grants) processed an invoice to ECECD to ensure the contract payment request was made.

In addition, Holly Gurule and the Scholarship Coaches worked throughout the holiday break to process scholar applications for Spring 2021 and to answer questions from existing and future scholars.

It was an amazing amount of coordinated work between many dedicated CNM and CNMI employees. We are so grateful for everyone's efforts and dedication in making every step in the process happen so smoothly!

Physical Plant

Value: Caring

The PPD Facilities team worked over break to manage ongoing construction projects including the demolition of the N building. The Facilities team went above and beyond by hosting meetings and guiding the architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors to ensure that these projects stayed on track. Team members included:

Peter Siebert
Jennie Davis
Adriana Casas
Marie Shaver Holloway
Rick Latham
Billy Lorne
Molly Blumhoefer

Value: Exceptional

The PPD Maintenance team worked over break to clean buildings and offices, help with film crew cleanup at WTC, shut down water heaters to repair leaks and install valves for the Catering and Brewing project, meet with various contractors on projects, and repair running toilets. This crew is always willing to do what is needed for ongoing maintenance and is always available as things come up. You never hear this group complain; they just keep showing up every day!
James Harral
John Rogers
Arsenio Anaya
Assisted John Rogers
Justin Lial
Manual Orozco

CNM’s Holiday Helpers Team

Value: Exceptional

This shout out is for the “Holiday Helpers” team, who demonstrated the CNM value of exceptional over CNM’s holiday break. This group of over 75 employees worked over break to support our students with any needs that they had while the college was closed. This is the first time since we’ve had a holiday break that our students have been able to receive services over break.

The Holiday Helpers team supported students with all kinds of questions/problems from challenges with registration for an intersession class to questions about spring classes at CNM. They helped students with admissions, registration, accessing transcripts, paying for classes, receiving financial aid and scholarships, and advisement! The Holiday Helpers team had support from the following departments: Cashiers, Student Experience Team including the Navigators and the Contact Center, Enrollment Services, Outreach and Recruitment, Connect, and Financial Aid. Over 4,000 students received help!

Here are the employees who were part of the Holiday Helpers Team:

Charnia Parrish
Miguel Sedillo
Xenia Wheeler
Kelli Gallardo
Rochelle Yazzie
Eric Christopher Garcia
Sally Moore
Willie Smoker
Marquetta Keller
Julie Fields
Diane Craig
Phillip Baca
Patrick Gomez
Denise Proctor
Melissa Gonzales
Lidia Martinez
Ariel Zellermayer
Patrick Murphy
Miguel Sedillo
Marquetta Keller
Xenia Wheeler
Brandon Lopez
Jannet Morales
Lisa Cook
Miranda Parsons
Ana Rodriguez
Keri Waits
Leona Chavez
Rachel Minnaar
Cyerrah Chavez
Arge Flores
Rochelle Lee
Todd Johnson
Daniela Zamora
Joshua Garcia
Joseph Ryan
Krystle Montoya
Kris Samora
Cruz Ortega
Gerald Romero
Linsey Padilla
Donna Trujillo
Delicia Leyba
Georgia Herrera
Valerieann Baca
Angelique Madrid
Andrea Martinez
Matthew Fuentes
Kathy Johnston
Nick Zetterholm
Dominic Romero
Antoinette Chavez
Natalie Lovato
Crystal Montoya
Shelli Sutton
Lisa Smith
Ina Apache
Micki Pyszkowski
Heather Dodson-Smith
CJ Muniz
Rosenda Minella
Antoinette Barela
Katharine Baggett
Jimmy Luna
Andrea Gurrola
Philip Giuliano
Glenn Damiani
Alan Cherino
Dylan Thompson
Cheri Bullard
Deb Geoffrion
Genevieve Buskirk
Brenda Mendez de Andrade
Alexis Argumedo
Madeleine Daugherty