A Conversation on Learning Outcomes

Feb. 7, 2013 -- In an email last November, Academic Affairs Vice President and Student Academic Assessment Committee member Sydney Gunthorpe invited all faculty to “save the date” for a conversation regarding the assessment of two student outcomes specifically valued at CNM. As a result 75 interested academics met on Jan. 25 in Jeannette Stromberg Hall for the SAAC-hosted discussion titled “CNM General Education Learning Outcomes: Critical Thinking and Life Skills/Teamwork.”
July 16, 2015

Student outcomes are also the focus of a statewide organization, the New Mexico Assessment Task Force. This group proposes continuous assessment of five General Education learning outcomes: Communications; Mathematics; Laboratory Science; Social/Behavioral Sciences; and, Humanities and Fine Arts. The two outcomes targeted in the January 25 discussion, however — Critical Thinking and Life Skills/Teamwork — are unique to CNM.

SAAC_1-25-13_3.jpgThe Critical Thinking and Life Skills/Teamwork outcomes reflect CNM’s special role in New Mexico higher education as well as CNM’s Strategic Direction triad of goals: Student Success, Community Success, and Organizational Excellence and Innovation.

The SAAC-hosted event itself also reflected well on CNM. Seventy-five faculty members voluntarily showed up on a Friday afternoon to plan assessment strategies, clear evidence of the professionalism of CNM's instructional staff and their commitment to student success.