1095 Affordable Care Act (ACA)Tax Form Now Available Online Through myCNM

March 16, 2016 -- All full-time employees (those who work an average of 30 or more hours per week), as well as any employee enrolled in healthcare coverage through CNM at any time in 2015, will receive a 1095 tax form from CNM.
March 16, 2016

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will use the information reported from your 1095 to determine whether you may have to pay a fine for failing to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Think of the 1095 ACA tax form as your “proof of insurance” for the IRS.

Employees can give electronic consent to view their 1095 tax form online through myCNM. To consent, log into myCNM, go to the “Employee” tab, click on “Tax Forms” and select “Electronic Regulatory Consent.” Then check the “Consent to receive 1095-C electronically” and press “Submit.”

For those who did not previously select an electronic 1095 before today, paper forms will also be mailed this week.

To view a tutorial on how to sign up to receive your tax forms electronically, click here.

Read more about the 1095 tax form on the Human Resources Home Page under “News and Events” on the lower left corner of the page.  You may also contact Human Resources at (505) 224-4622 or email benefits@cnm.edu