Faces of CNM: Kelsie Post
Kelsie will represent New Mexico at the 2019 ASRT Educational Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

Faces of CNM: Kelsie Post

Kelsie was recently selected as the first CNM student to participate in the American Society of Radiologic Technologists’ Student Leadership Development Program.
March 20, 2019

Every year, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) selects two students from each state to attend the Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP), which offers students a chance to get to know the ASRT, attend educational sessions and network with medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals.

This year, CNM Radiological Technology student Kelsie Post will represent New Mexico at the 2019 ASRT Educational Symposium from June 19-24. She is the first CNM student to be selected to participate in the SLDP.

“I’m really grateful to my instructors for introducing me to this opportunity and for helping me navigate the application process,” says Kelsie. “I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and I’m so excited to meet and network with other students and the ‘rock stars’ of the rad tech world.”

As part of the application process, Kelsie was required to submit an essay explaining why she wanted to be selected for the SLDP. In her essay, Kelsie highlighted the fact that she wants to develop a deeper understanding of the Rad Tech field and build networking relationships with national medical professionals.

“I wrote about how I am learning so much in the RADT program here at CNM and how hands-on the instructors are, which is how I learn best” says Kelsie. “I want to build my people skills so that I can better serve my patients and better communicate with my peers.”


Kelsie’s interest in Radiologic Technology stemmed from her first educational journey at the University of New Mexico, where she received a degree in Biology. After graduating from UNM, she spent a few years studying environmental science in California but she realized that she wanted to apply her knowledge to the medical field.

“I wanted to actually pursue medical school, but I needed a break from the traditional college life,” she says. “When I decided to come back to school, CNM was the best choice for me and I’ve always thought that X-Ray imaging was super interesting.”

Deborah Singh, Radiologic Technology Program Director, says that this prestigious opportunity will help Kelsie become a prominent member of the Rad Tech community in New Mexico and help her develop into a leader within the industry.

“We know that Kelsie will come back with a deeper understanding of the ASRT, and hopefully, a stronger passion for the profession that will lead her into leadership roles,” says Deborah.

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