Faces of CNM: Jovanni Rel
Jovanni is currently a level-3 nursing student.

Faces of CNM: Jovanni Rel

Jovanni, a nursing student, was on a casual stroll through a local park when she came across a real-life emergency. Quickly putting her medical skills to use, she helped save a man’s life.
July 31, 2019

It was date night for nursing student Jovanni Rel and her husband. They decided to take a stroll through the North Domingo Baca Park in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights when out of nowhere, another park-goer lost consciousness and collapsed.

Jovanni immediately jumped into action and assisted in saving the man’s life, all while being five months pregnant.

“There were four of us there at the time: the guy who found him, me, my husband and a physician’s assistant who happened to be in the park as well,” says Jovanni. “The man was unresponsive so we checked for a pulse, but we couldn’t detect one.”

That’s when Jovanni and the physician’s assistant began performing CPR.

“I didn’t hesitate. I knew he needed help, so I acted on my instincts and immediately applied what I learned in CNM’s nursing program to that situation,” says Jovanni. “It was my first-time doing CPR on a real person. I had to remember to just stay calm and follow the steps of administering CPR that I learned in school.”

Jovanni says that during her time in CNM’s Nursing program, she and her classmates practiced CPR on simulation manikins every semester, which prepared her well to help save the man’s life. Shortly after beginning the CPR and alternating with the physician’s assistant, Jovanni says the fire department and paramedics arrived and took over.

Jovanni loves to help others and is a rising star in CNM's Nursing Program.

“That experience really just solidified my decision to become a nurse,” she says. “I knew then and there that I was in the right field and that I was meant to help people.”

Director of Academic Affairs for the School of Health Wellness & Public Safety, Diane Evans-Prior, says she is overjoyed and impressed with Jovanni’s heroic efforts.

“I’m incredibly proud of Jovanni as I am all of our nursing students,” says Diane. “Her (Jovanni) willingness to take action reflects the values of our program and the professionalism of our students.”

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