Faces of CNM: Arge Flores Olivas

Arge is well known as one of CNM’s friendliest and most helpful employees thanks to her role in the Contact Center
July 15, 2020

Arge Flores Olivas is not afraid of difficult questions. She’s an interim supervisor in the Contact Center and loves being able to help students with whatever they need.

“Any time a student has a question, or needs help with some process, I just make sure I put myself in their shoes and try to see it from their perspective,” she says. “Once I can understand where they’re coming from, I know I can help.”

This motivation to serve is part of the culture that defines the Contact Center. It doesn’t matter if a student comes to Arge or anyone on the team with a financial aid question or a question about registration. The team always finds a way to help the student, or route them to someone who can. 

“Students regularly tell our team in the Contact Center, ‘thank you so much for really explaining the process and helping me understand,’” she says. 

Part of Arge’s personal success comes from her background in customer service. Before joining CNM, she spent 14 years as a customer service agent for a number of companies including a wireless carrier and a global payroll company. She decided to join CNM because she believed in the college’s mission.

“I saw how much the college supports both students and its staff and I knew this would be a good place for me to continue my professional development,” she says.

Arge and the Contact Center team have also devised an important strategy. Whenever they get a question, they immediately try to figure out the root cause. Arge asks herself, “Why is this student coming to me with this question? What prompted the question and how can I answer it in such a way that the student gets a complete answer?”

For example, she says new applicants sometimes don’t understand why registration takes several steps. When this comes up, the Contact Center team always makes sure to explain that CNM wants each new student to start on the right path and that the extra work is important. 

“When we’re done, the students realize that we’re trying to help them reach their goals,” she says.

As a bilingual team member, Arge takes many of the Spanish inquiries as well. She answers general questions but also specializes in explaining CNM’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Going forward, Arge is excited about the ways she and the Contact Center team can help students through the move to mostly online classes, as well as her own career. She’s currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“Wherever I land, I want to make sure I continue to use my leadership skills and continue to help people,” she says.