Facebook / CNM Digital Marketing Program is a Game Changer

Program will put our students at the cutting edge of an increasingly important industry and will provide New Mexico with skilled job candidates
May 22, 2018

Walt Wagner knows how marketing can make or break a business.

He first built a high-end adventure vehicle shop called Tactical Application Vehicles here in Albuquerque, doing the hard work of building those first few clients and developing relationships.

With a beautiful website, strong social media channels, and some word-of-mouth, TAV has become nationally known as the place for people to upgrade their truck from a regular 4x4 to a full-on overland vehicle ready to take on any rough roads the backcountry has to offer.

Walt does a lot of the marketing work himself, but part of his journey upwards meant developing a talented marketing team, and as his business grows he could soon be in the market for more employees like those who will graduate from a new Facebook and CNM program aimed at skilling up a digital marketing workforce.

“TAV is a very particular brand,” Walt says. “It takes a lot of time to convey that brand, and to create the assets that convey the brand, so it’s always great to have talented people who can jump in and help.”


Just how important are digital skills to small- and medium-sized businesses like TAV?

Facebook conducted a recent survey of business owners and employees in Albuquerque, both of whom pointed to the need for more training and skills development.

86% of small business managers said they believe digital advertising is an important skill for growing their business, but only 21% of managers rated themselves as excellent in that area, according to Facebook.

And, 94% of jobs/skills seekers that responded said digital skills are important when looking for jobs, but only 10% rated their own digital skills as excellent.

Erin Ladd, Marketing Director for the New Mexico Tourism Department, sees statewide potential for businesses able to bridge that gap.

“In the state of New Mexico, we have incredible people and unique products, and digital marketing is a fantastic avenue to get the right eyes on whatever you're selling or creating,” she says. “You can get any product in front of any audience, no matter how specific — all you need are the tools and best practices that'll maximize every marketing dollar you spend.”


The good news for students who will come out of this new Facebook and CNM digital marketing program is that they’ll not only be highly employable, but also in the most robust section of the industry.

Job growth has increased in digital-focused careers like marketing, while also slowing in other middle-digital sectors like office administration and education. And, wages are also growing at a faster rate in highly digitalized sectors, according to the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C.

The program’s curriculum is currently in development, but it will include social media strategies and various digital marketing skills. Amy Tischler, co-owner of Simply Social Media, a social media consultancy in Santa Fe, believes it will be a big advantage for CNM students to be working with Facebook.

“I’m self-taught when it comes to social-media marketing so it is possible to learn on your own, but learning straight from the source is really valuable,” Tischler says of the company that owns the two most popular social media sites on the planet.

With Facebook investing in accelerating New Mexico’s digital skills, that “straight from the source learning” could soon play an important role in growing the state’s small businesses and overall economy.

Keep checking cnm.edu and CNM’s social media channels for more information on the Digital Marketing Certificate program that will be available soon. You can also contact CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology at (505)224-3811 or email dmccoy12@cnm.edu.