Connecting Globally

CNM is working with Zambia to expand Global Education opportunities
April 19, 2018

It’s not everyday a king visits CNM. But that’s what’s happening May 1 when His Majesty Chitimukulu–Sosala Kanyanta Manga II, King of the Bemba People of Zambia, stops by to meet with the CNM Executive Team and representatives from the Global Education program.

His Majesty is the leader of Zambia’s largest ethnic group with over six millions members,  and he’s coming to Albuquerque because it’s one of Zambia’s sister cities. He’s also meeting with Women To Be, a local non-profit that fabricates and distributes kits of underwear and reusable sanitary pads to girls and women around the world who struggle each month to manage their menstrual cycles. Women To Be will be distributing kits to Zambia this June, and His Majesty and the non-profit have partnered to establish kit manufacturing centers in Zambia and in New Mexico.   

CNM is excited to welcome His Majesty to campus. He’ll be talking with CNM’s leadership team about expanding opportunities for student exchanges to and from Zambia. Ari Rosner-Salazar, the Director of CNM’s Global Education Office, says offering CNM students the opportunity to study abroad in places like Africa will give them a huge leg up in their education.

“We want our students here at CNM to be able to be compete on a global level, and in today’s highly-connected world economy, people need to have some linguistic and cultural competence outside of what they’ve grown up with,” he says. “That kind of experience adds a whole new level of marketability to one’s résumé.”

For those students who can’t travel abroad because of family or work obligations, it’s just as beneficial to have students and visitors from places like Zambia come to CNM.

“Having international students on our campus brings the world to us,” Rosner-Salazar says.

To round out his tour, His Majesty will be stopping by several CNM facilities, including the FUSE Makerspace, because he’s also interested in learning more about potential economic partnerships between CNM and businesses in his home country.

“Zambia needs more economic development and so does New Mexico, so we’re talking about creating a bridge there,” says Rosner-Salazar.

His Majesty will discuss the partnership between Zambia, Women To Be and the Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation during his presentation of “Girls and Women: Hope for Our People, Our World,” on May 1 from 2-3 p.m. on CNM’s Main Campus in Smith Brasher Hall, Room 101 (auditorium). The event is open to the public. For more information, contact Joe Leestma at (505)224-5211 or