College & Career High School 2nd in Annual School Grading Report

For the fifth straight year, the school received an overall A rating
August 23, 2018

Many schools are nervous when the New Mexico Public Education Department releases its annual school grading report. But not the College & Career High School (CCHS), which is located on Main Campus and functions through a partnership between Albuquerque Public Schools and CNM.

For the fifth straight year, CCHS received an A rating according to the report that came out last week. CCHS also scored second highest in the state among all public high schools, and third highest in the state among all high schools including charters.  

As background, CCHS, which allows students to complete their high school diploma while earning college credits toward a certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree, opened to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in August 2013.

The CCHS students typically spend half of their day taking APS classes, and the other half taking CNM classes that count for both college credit and high school elective credit. Tuition is free for CCHS students, and so are CNM textbooks, allowing the students and their families to save time and thousands of dollars on a college education.

Many CNM classes are transferrable to state universities. And some CCHS students have graduated from the high school with an associate degree and enough college credits to enter a university as a junior.

Since CCHS is located on CNM’s Main Campus, CCHS students have access to the same student support systems as all of CNM’s students, such as free tutoring, libraries, academic advising and academic coaches.

CNM and APS have also partnered on a new facility for CCHS. In fall 2019, CCHS and high school students from the Native American Community Academy will move into a new state-of-the-art facility on Main Campus that will increase capacity for high school students.

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