CNM’s Graduating Art Students Showcase Capstone Works at Local Gallery
Studio art student, Hope Neer, gazes at her classmate's photo that she hung at the Factory on 5th Art Gallery.

CNM’s Graduating Art Students Showcase Capstone Works at Local Gallery

Artwork from 16 graduating students in CNM’s Fine Arts Program will be on display at the Factory on 5th Art Gallery on April 5-13.
April 03, 2019

This week, the graduating students in CNM’s Art Studio program are preparing for their first-ever exhibition – their captivating work will be unveiled at the Factory on 5th, 5G North Gallery, located in Albuquerque’s Wells Park District.

 Students will showcase paintings, photography and graphic art that they have worked on this semester as part of their final project.

According to Art instructor Danielle Miller, a large part of this experience is aimed to teach the students how to organize and execute an art show at a real gallery. As a seasoned artist herself, Danielle says that there aren’t a lot of places that teach aspiring artists how to prepare an art show. It’s important, she says, for her students to hone those skills early on.

“Our students will measure and hang the pieces in a way that will create a unique experience for spectators,” says Danielle. “They will analyze the design and aesthetic of each piece in order to create a nice flow through the gallery.”


Tisa Clemens returned to college after 37 years and is one of the Art Studio students presenting at the exhibition. She says that working on this show has benefitted her in many ways, including landing her a job as a graphic artist.

“Going to college was one of my greatest dreams. I never got to do it until now,” Tisa says. “Coming back after all those years is truly rewarding. I’ve learned a lot and it has opened up opportunities for me that I would have never been privy to otherwise.”

Hope Neer is also a student in the Art Studio program and says that she’s gained a new perspective for what it takes to prepare for an art show.

“It’s a very involved process,” says Hope. “It’s been really interesting learning how to hang the pieces in a way that makes the whole show an experience for people rather than just looking at individual pieces.”

Hope says that preparing for the show has taught her the importance of being able to work with others and that she will take that knowledge with her on future ventures.

“It’s definitely a good way of learning how to work with other artists and all the people involved in putting together a gallery show,” says Hope.

The exhibition at Factory on 5th will open on Friday, April 5, and will run until April 13. It is free and open to public.

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