'Attend Anywhere’ Courses: Alternative Delivery Approach for Traditional Classes
Students can attend classes through HD video conferencing.

'Attend Anywhere’ Courses: Alternative Delivery Approach for Traditional Classes

Attend Anywhere courses begin with the Fall Term and will initially be offered in Business and Information Technology classes.
June 05, 2019

Students at CNM wear many hats. Some work full-time jobs while attending college, others have children that need constant care. Our goal is to offer as many different pathways for our students to succeed in their educational journeys.

Starting in the 2019 Fall Term, CNM will offer “Attend Anywhere” courses that provide a nuanced approach to course delivery and learning.

The Attend Anywhere courses follow a traditional syllabus and students can expect a normal classroom experience with regularly scheduled lectures, weekly assignments, and exams as usual.

“There are a variety of reasons students might have to miss a class, but with Attend Anywhere, the student has the ability to stay on track and complete the course,” says Sydney Gunthorpe, vice president for Academic Affairs.

The difference between Attend Anywhere and a traditional course is in the delivery, which allows students to attend each class in person, through high-definition video-conferencing or by watching recorded lectures. Students will be able to move back and forth between these three options at any given time during the semester.

“It is great to have each lecture for the semester available to the student. For example, If you need to re-watch any lecture, it is available within the online course at your convenience, “ Dr. Gunthorpe says. 

Learn more about Attend Anywhere courses and see a full list of courses.

Students can access their course work from any location using any device with online access.