CNM to Offer Intersession Courses During Winter Break

Oct. 1, 2013 -- Beginning this winter during CNM’s normal break between the fall and spring terms, CNM will offer a selection of classes in a condensed, three-week format.
July 16, 2015


The classes, held Monday, Dec. 16, through Saturday, Jan. 4, will provide students with an opportunity to complete a class in order to shorten their time to graduation.

These intersession classes will not meet on campus and will only be offered in an online format, so only students who have experience taking CNM distance learning classes should consider taking an intersession class. (The exception will be HLTH 1001, which will meet on campus Jan. 3-4.)

A student can only take one intersession class.

Since the subject matter will be taught in three weeks, instead of the standard 16-week format for courses in the fall and spring terms, students should understand that these classes will require a significant commitment of time and energy for three weeks. It’s estimated that typical students would need to devote 30 to 35 hours per week to their class work.

Also, intersession classes will not be eligible for financial aid.

These are the intersession classes that will be open for registration for continuing students on Nov. 4:

  • ARTH 1101 – Intro to Art (Jessica Rosazza-Williams)
  • BIO 1410 – Biology for Health Sciences (Anthony Aragon)
  • CIS 1420 – Intro to Computer Networking (Hye Clark)
  • CSE 1101 – College Success (Therese Baca-Radler)
  • CST 1150 – Intro to Cultural Studies (George Ann Gregory)
  • FIN 1010 – Financial Literacy (Cheryl Bernier)
  • HLTH 1001 – Clinical Preparation (Bruce Hosea, Julie Walsh, Jalayne Faulhaber), course meets Jan. 3-4 only)
  • MATH 1330 – Intro to Probability and Statistics (Cynthia Griffin-Ediger)
  • NUTR 1010 – Personal Practical Nutrition (Vickie Filutze)
  • PHIL 1110 – Intro to Philosophical Thought (Cecily Kuehl-Shank)
  • PSY 1105 – Intro to Psychology (Asa Stone)
  • SOC 1101-- Intro to Sociology (Colin Olson)
  • WMST 1150 – Intro to Women’s Studies (Rinita Mazumdar)