CNM Students Advance to National SkillsUSA Finals

April 11, 2013 -- Nineteen Gold Medal winners are heading to Kansas City to represent CNM in the national SkillsUSA finals.
July 16, 2015

copy of woodworking Seventy-six students carried the CNM banner with honor last week in the New Mexico SkillsUSA competition, when more than 45 skills and leadership events were held at the College and other sites around the city.

Competing among 744 students from across the state, the CNM participants made an impressive showing in nearly every event, winning 19 gold, 19 silver, and 15 bronze medals.

CNM's 19 gold medal winners will travel to Kansas City for the national round of SkillsUSA events, scheduled for June 24-June 28 as part of the 49th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students.

2013 CNM SkillsUSA State Medalists


BIT-Business Information Technologies

Breanna Riley Baking-BIT 2nd
Kiyoko Masuoka Culinary-BIT 2nd
Rozlyn Griego Customer Service 3rd
Tammy Hadley Customer Service 2nd

AT-Applied Technologies

John Pierson ARDR 1st
Jarrod Watson ARDR 2nd
Patrick Podeyn ARDR 3rd
Alexxandria Snell Aviation 1st
Emilo Verastegui Aviation 2nd
Marshall Ruff Aviation 3rd
Edgar Coyle Cabinet Making 1st
Levi Barnes Cabinet Making 2nd
Gabriel Raab-faber Job Skill Demo Open 1st
Abran Salazar Carpentry 3rd
Thomas Balch Computer Maintenance Tech 2nd
Rene Reyes Computer Maintenance Tech 1st
Sheldon Blackhorse Computer Maintenance Tech 3rd
Kris Haverstick Diesel Equipment Technology 2nd
Duggan Matson Electronics Technology 3rd
Michael Mortimer Electronics Technology 1st
Michael Gregory Electronics Technology 2nd
Jason Stanley HVAC/ACHR 1st
Christopher Luu HVAC/ACHR 3rd
Debby Oscar Industrial Motor Control 3rd
Daniel Roper Industrial Motor Control 2nd
Patrick Sanchez Industrial Motor Control 1st
Brandon Miller Plumbing 3rd
Christopher Lucero Plumbing 1st
Michael Sandoval Plumbing 2nd
David Silva Power Equipment 1st
Natan Kollarik Precision Maching 2nd
John Lamar Precision Maching 3rd
Alexander Weaver Precision Maching 1st
Mark Nolan Related Technical Math 2nd
Benjamin Chaves Residential Wiring 1st
Anna McCall Residential Wiring 2nd
Anna McCall Prepared Speech 3rd
Juan Gabaldon Residential Wiring 3rd
Allen Arrellano Welding 1st
Jimmy Chavez Welding Fabrication Team 1st
Jim Ryan 1st
Adam Avenetti 1st
Lesia Luviano Welding Sculptures 1st
Aaron Emillio Welding Sculptures 2nd

Leadership Events
Solomon Hill-Burke Extemporaneous Speaking 1st
Erin Mulligan Extemporaneous Speaking 2nd
John Abeyta Job Interview 3rd
Kimberly Hayden Job Interview 1st
Kyle Bacoccini Job Skill Demo A 3rd
Kimberly Warner Job Skill Demo Open 2nd

Dual Credit Students

Francisco Bolivar Extemporaneous Speaking 2nd
Clifford Evans Prepared Speech 3rd
Robert Ortiz Job Skill Demo Open 2nd
CNM students competing in SkillsUSA