CNM Receives Federal Approval to Enroll International Students

March 20, 2017 -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently certified CNM to enroll international students studying on M and F visas. CNM’s Global Education office is now accepting international student inquiries to attend CNM beginning with the 2017 Fall Term that begins in August.
March 20, 2017

“CNM celebrates diversity and we’re looking forward to welcoming international students who will further enrich the educational experience for all CNM students,” said Diane Burke, CNM’s executive director of Global Education. “Today people from all corners of the world are more connected than ever. At CNM, we want to offer our current students and our future international students the opportunity to participate in the kind of education that prepares them to connect, collaborate and compete in a global economy.”

CNM will provide the flexibility and support of a community college to learners worldwide while providing traditional students with international educational opportunities that will broaden their education and understanding of the world. The Global Education initiative will also emphasize English proficiency, workforce development, and an internationalized curriculum. The new international student program will provide an opportunity for students and faculty to connect, share insights and ultimately facilitate creativity and innovation across borders.

CNM expects that some of the first international students to take advantage of studying at a US community college will be family members of people that have emigrated from other countries to the Albuquerque-area. “We’ve already had significant interest about our new program from people living in Albuquerque who are from different countries,” Burke said. “They have family members who are interested in coming here to study. Now that we have the certification approved, our campus is open to international students who want to come here for a college education.”

CNM, which won the prestigious Student Success Award in 2013 from the American Association of Community Colleges that represents 1,100-plus community colleges, offers associate degrees and certificates in more than 100 fields of study. CNM students have access to high quality education programs that prepare them for direct entry into a career or a transfer to a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree. CNM’s programs span many of the fastest-growing industries, including healthcare, information technology, business, tourism, film, culinary arts, engineering and many more.

CNM, which was founded in 1965, is well-known for its affordability, high-quality and caring faculty members, and its award-winning student support. CNM’s small class sizes, free one-on-one tutoring, English courses tailored to specific fields of study, and high-tech labs where students learn through hands-on instruction help ensure success for international college students in America.

International students interested in CNM can learn more by going to For more information, contact