CNM Presidential Search Update

CNM Governing Board announces members of Presidential Search Advisory Committee.
September 12, 2019

On behalf of the CNM Governing Board, we would like to provide you with an update on our search for the next president of CNM. We are pleased to announce that we have officially formed the Presidential Search Advisory Committee, which was approved at Tuesday’s Governing Board Meeting.

From an impressive pool of nominees, we have selected an Advisory Committee that keenly understands CNM’s crucial role in our community and state. The 25 Committee members have a strong awareness of CNM’s Vision, Mission and Values, and they are passionate about helping us find the right person to lead CNM into the future. As a Governing Board, we are very grateful that these diverse and dedicated Committee members have joined this very important effort.

The Advisory Committee members are:
Pauline Garcia
Michael Glennon
Nancy Baca
Jerry Schalow
John Garcia
Melissa Franklin
Angel Garcia
Steve Maestas
Mark Love Williamson
James Lewis
Angela Ward
Mary Martinez
Mayling Armijo
Sue Cleveland
Vernelle Chase
David Martinez
Miranda Evjen
Victoria Martinez
Marvin Martinez
Tim Harjo
Loretta Montoya
Joe Schaub
Rebekah Moskowitz
Michelle Jewett
Sherman McCorkle

The Advisory Committee will begin reviewing applications after its first meeting on Sept. 11. The Committee will be responsible for identifying and interviewing semifinalists. Interviews of semifinalists will take place Oct. 9-11, followed by recommendations for finalists. The finalists will participate in two-day campus visits Oct. 21-30, which will include public forums, interviews and tours of the College.  

CNM employees and the general public are encouraged to participate in the public forums and provide feedback about the finalists. We will also make the finalists’ résumés and bios available for your review. Your thoughts on the finalists will be very important to us in the decision-making process and we look forward to hearing from you. If you are unable to attend, video of the forums will be available for your review and feedback. The Governing Board plans to announce the next president of CNM in November.

We will continue to provide you with updates as we make more progress. We truly appreciate your interest and participation as we all strive to find the best person to lead this wonderful community college.


Pauline Garcia
CNM Governing Board Chair