Employees Recognized for Outstanding Work

Senior Director of Financial Aid Lee Carrillo and Director of Security Ernie Chavez were recognized for outstanding work they performed recently during the October CNM Governing Board meeting.
July 16, 2015

Both were awarded at the meeting with CNM glass candy dishes as part of the recognition. Carrillo was recognized for his leadership in making sure CNM was ready to deliver more than $23 million in financial aid to over 12,000 students on Financial Aid Disbursement Day last month. Chavez was recognized for his leadership during CNM’s quick response to a bomb threat near Montoya Campus last month that resulted in a temporary lockdown. A separate effort led by Chavez also led to the Albuquerque Police Department donating 40 stolen bikes that were never claimed to CNM students in need.

Outstanding CNM employees are recognized each month at the monthly CNM Governing Board meetings.