Clint Reecer a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner
CNM Governing Board Member Michael Canfield, Board Member Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Distinguished Faculty Clint Reecer, Board Member Nancy Baca and Board Chair Pauline Garcia.

Clint Reecer a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Part-time faculty member, Clint Reecer, is honored by CNM as an excellent instructor.
March 08, 2018

Clint Reecer, a part-time faculty member in the School of Business & Information Technology, is consistently recognized by students, colleagues, and supervisors as an excellent instructor. He seeks out and utilizes best practices and is always improving his teaching methods by incorporating new educational techniques and tools in his classroom. It’s part of the reason he earned CNM’s top overall distinction for part-time faculty members for 2017-18.

Clint developed a format for weekly Blackboard announcements that is used in Finance 1010 and that format has become a best practice for providing feedback to students. Clint believes a truly effective educator should never abandon the role of being a student and he knows the more diverse his own knowledge is the more value he can provide to his students.

He encourages student success by being available to communicate with them regarding questions, problems or questions related to the class material. Additionally, Clint is very involved in encouraging the success of his department and supporting other educators by using mutual mentorship and sharing information between instructors and community members. Clint is a wonderful instructor who helps advance CNM’s strategic directions overall.