STEMulus Center Opens Downtown

Sept. 4, 2014 -- CNM's STEMulus Center held its grand opening on Friday, Sept. 5, at the First Plaza Galleria Downtown, where visitors toured the facility and learned about the much-anticipated offerings.
July 16, 2015

The STEMulus Center is located at 20 1st Plaza Center NW in Downtown Albuquerque.

Visitors toured the STEMulus Center site and learned about the FUSE Makerspace; the IGNITE Community Accelerator; the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp; the Fast-track Business Associate Degree; the PNM Pop-up Pavilion; and more.

Intel, a sponsor of the STEMulus Center, demonstrated several “maker” projects that have been created through its Galileo technology, an open source hardware and software development environment designed for makers, students and educators. Intel also had 3-D printers on display.

The CNM STEMulus Center will offer a new approach to education designed to provide accelerated educational opportunities in key areas and wrap-around support for aspiring entrepreneurs, all focused on spurring economic growth for the region.

CNM President Katharine Winograd, Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry and Intel General Manager for Rio Rancho Kirby Jefferson spoke at the grand opening.

The STEMulus Center provides space for these strategic functions:

The FUSE Makerspace is a prototyping lab that supports the economic and educational development of aspiring innovators by allowing them to take an idea for a product and use CNM technology and equipment to create a marketable prototype. The FUSE Makerspace also provides students and hobbyists the opportunity to use CNM state-of-the-art equipment to explore, design and build things. Some of the areas that will be supported in the space include: 3-D printing; woodworking; metal-working; welding; sewing; screen printing; electronics; and robotics.

The IGNITE Community Accelerator will help local entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their business by providing opportunities to hone their business skills. The goal of the accelerator is to provide training and support to entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their businesses.

The Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp is a 9-week (40 hours per week) web development bootcamp taught at the STEMulus Center. Students learn the fundamentals of modern web development and coding that prepares them to build software, apps and websites. Students learn code in the following areas: HTML5; JavaScript; jQuery; MySQL; CSS3; Object-oriented programming (OOP); and PHP (server side). According to the U.S. News & World Report’s 100 Best Jobs edition, software development is the best job in the country, which was based on factors like salary, employment prospects and stress level. Through the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp, students are prepared for jobs as developers and have access to an extensive network of coding employers.

The Fast Track Associate Degree in Business Administration offered at the STEMulus Center will allow students to earn their degree in less than two years. The program is taught by highly qualified instructors with business backgrounds. Dinners will be provided to students each Tuesday and Thursday evening between classes, and each student will receive an iPad that contains all of the textbooks and instructional materials needed for the program.

The PNM Pop-up Pavilion provides space outside of the STEMulus Center in the First Plaza Galeria patio for presentations, workshops, lectures and special events that support the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. The pavilion, sponsored by PNM, is composed of three shipping containers that are powered by photovoltaic panels. Between the three shipping containers is a 30-seat space that can be used for various events. Since the entire pavilion is completely portable, the structure can pop up at any location around the city.