Business and Technology Programs Earn High Praise from Accrediting Body

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) recently conducted accreditation visits at CNM to evaluate some associate degree programs in the School of Business & Information Technology (BIT), which resulted in high praise for CNM from the accrediting body.
July 16, 2015

The ACBSP evaluated six associate degree programs in BIT and reaffirmed the accreditation for the programs “with no areas of concern.” Accrediting body officials informed CNM that it’s “extremely rare” for a college to receive its accreditation with no areas of concern.

“It is great to be reminded by a third party that CNM is doing a great job and that we are fortunate to have the outstanding support and resources that are available here,” said CNM Vice President for Academic Affairs Sydney Gunthorpe. “The accrediting body was extremely impressed by the resources and support that we make available to our students, especially CNM Connect.”

Dr. Gunthorpe said that the complex effort couldn’t have been such a success without great collaboration within BIT, as well as the outstanding support BIT receives from departments across the college.

“There was a terrific team effort within BIT to make this complex project a success,” he said. “The teamwork and the helpfulness offered by every BIT employee was amazing, but that has always been the standard in BIT. Representatives from the accrediting body also interviewed employees from other areas of CNM that support all of our schools and they were very impressed with the culture at CNM that is so devoted to student success.”

The CNM programs that were evaluated by ACBSP included: Accounting; Business; Business Administration; Computer Information Systems; Hospitality & Tourism; and Office Technology.

At the January Governing Board meeting, key members of the BIT team that worked on the accreditation process were honored with the monthly CNM Candy Dish awards.

“This accreditation is a testament to the great work that’s being done in BIT,” CNM President Kathie Winograd said at the Board meeting. “It was also a testament to the great work that’s done all across the college.”

Members of the CNM accreditation team that were honored included: Donna Diller, Paul Quan, Dawn Addington, Barbara Johnston, Jackie Lamoureux, Kim Wong, Debbie Costales, Julie Chavez, Angela Gallegos, Scott Clapp, Catherine Hain and Dominic Trujillo.