Addition Made to Employee Assistance Program Section of Employee

August 13, 2015 -- An addition has been made to 6.08 Employee Assistance Program to Section VI of the Employee Handbook. This change is effective Aug.11. Please note the update to the Source IS-2030 Employee Assistance Program.
August 13, 2015

On Aug, 11 Resolution 2015-50 was approved by the Governing Board, enacting the following revisions to CNM’s Employee Handbook:

  • Section 6.08 Employee Assistance Program added to Employee Handbook
  • Section 6.08 highlights the Employee Assistance Program as a benefit available to all employees. Employees are encouraged to utilize this benefit.
  • IS-2030 is a procedure approved by the Executive Team which provides the contact information for our Employee Assistance Program vendor, Deer Oaks. 
  • IS-2030 also describes some of the services offered by the Employee Assistance Program and related processes for utilizing such services. 

This information is provided as a summary only.  Additional provisions apply. Please refer to the policy for details. The most recent version of the employee handbook may be accessed by clicking here. If you would like more information about this revised policy, you may contact the Human Resources Department at (505) 224-4600 or Ext. 44600.