CCC By-Laws

Section I: Name

College Curriculum Committee

Section II: Responsibility

The College Curriculum Committee reviews and makes recommendations concerning changes, additions, and deletions to institutional curricula. The committee will approach curriculum decisions from an institutional, not a departmental, perspective. The Faculty Senate and the Vice President for Instruction will determine the specific responsibilities of the committee.

Section III: Members

  1. Membership of the committee:
    1. Two faculty members from each instructional department
    2. Director of Enrollment Services
    3. One representative of the deans
  2. Faculty and administration in each instructional department will develop a selection process to forward the departmental nominations to the Faculty Senate.
  3. Faculty members are appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  4. The Faculty Senate will appoint one alternate member from each instructional department to serve in the absence of a regular committee member.
  5. Liaison members:
    1. Director of Advisement and Counseling
    2. Director of Library Services
  6. A member may be removed from the committee with the majority approval of the Senate.

Section IV: Organization of Committee

  1. The Faculty Senate will review membership to the College Curriculum Committee at the July meeting.
  2. The Chair of the College Curriculum Committee will be selected from the committee members by a majority vote of the Faculty Senate at the July meeting.
  3. The College Curriculum Committee will select a recording secretary to maintain minutes and to report to the Faculty Senate.

Section V: Process

  1. The Chair of the College Curriculum will schedule meetings as needed.
  2. A majority of members will constitute a quorum.
  3. The committee will make decisions by consensus, with all members having an equal voice.
  4. The committee reviews and acts upon proposals from the instructional departments and from the Vice President for Instruction. Changes in the current curriculum approval process will be made by the Faculty Senate and the Vice President for Instruction.
  5. The committee will develop and implement an evaluation process to review its work annually.