ACE Workshops for Students

Below is a list of workshops offered to CNM students on an as-needed basis. Call (505) 224-4313 for more information.

General Education Math/Science Workshops

Chemical Algebra
Chemistry and Biology students will get a refresher on simplifying calculations by re-visiting the algebraic rearrangement skills.

Significant Figures ( SigFigs ) & Scientific Notation
In this workshop, aka International Standard Units (S.I), tutors will explain and demonstrate different mathematical techniques to enable students to switch between metric units when necessary in chemistry and biology classes.

Scientific/Graphing Calculator Workshop
This workshop will introduce the student to the basic operation of a scientific or graphing calculator.

Using your Graphing Calculator
This workshop will help you solve and check Trigonometry problems and graph functions for student already familiar with the TI-80 graphing calculator.

Calculator Workshop for Statistics
A basic introduction to using the calculator to find the mean, standard deviation and 5-number summary on a variety of calculators.

The first part of this workshop is a quick overview of the basics of trigonometry. Students learn how to find sides and angles using Pythagorean theorem, the angle sum equation, trigonometric functions, and inverse trigonometric functions. In the second part of the workshop, students learn about vectors and vector addition. This is a very intensive class that can help physics students handle vectors in the chapters on multi-dimensional motion and forces.

General Education Writing Workshops

Uses of the Comma
Put an end to comma drama! This workshop covers seven key comma rules.

Define and identify plagiarism. Discuss ways to avoid it in writing assignments,and discern reasons why students plagiarize. Learn the consequences for this serious act.

Using Your Style Manual
Students learn how to use MLA, APA, and other style guides in order to cite sources correctly.

In-Class Workshops

Parentheses indicate which classes these workshops target.

Writing Workshops

  • Focusing Ideas for Writing (ENG 0750 & 0950)
  • Revising an Essay (ENG 0950)
  • Successful In-Class Essay Writing (ENG 0950)
  • Writing Formal Letters (ENG 0750)
  • Writing Instructions/Directions (ENG 0750)
  • Writing Persuasive & Argumentative Essays (ENG 0950)

Grammar Workshops

  • Finding & Fixing Fragments (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Sentence Combining to Avoid Run-ons & Comma Splices (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Using Commas with Confidence (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Punctuation Other Than the Comma (ENG 0550, ENG 0750, ENG 0950)

Reading Workshops

  • Effective Reading Skills (Academic Reading) (RDG 0950)
  • Critical Reading (RDG 0950)
  • Using the Computer for Research (RDG 0950)
  • Reading to Find the Main Idea (ENG 0550, RDG 0750, RDG 0950)
  • Summarizing Techniques (RDG 0750, RDG 0950)

Study Skills Workshops

  • Taking Good Notes in Class (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Taking Good Notes from Textbooks (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Student Success (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Test-Taking Tips (ENG 0750, ENG 0950)
  • Transition to English 1101 (ENG 0950, RDG 0950)
  • Public Speaking (ENG 0550, ENG 0750, ENG 0950)

Career Technical Education

Accounting 1111 Review
This workshop is intended as a refresher for students enrolled in ACCT 1112 who need to review ACCT 1111 concepts and procedures. Offered prior to and concurrent with the start of the term in a 3-hour workshop format.