CNM Tour Submission Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your CNM Student Activities On-Line Tour Request Form and for your interest in our tours. We are pleased that you and/or your group will be taking the time to allow us to introduce the CNM campus to you. Our goal is to obtain your interest and steer you towards an educational environment while exploring potential career choices.

Please note that all tour requests are subject to the availability of resources and are not automatically scheduled by submitting the CNM Student Activities Online Tour Request Form.     

You will be contacted by the Student Activities Office to confirm the details of your requested tour within 48 hours (business days). 

If you are requesting multiple tours and/or groups of tours, you will need to submit an additional CNM Student Activities On-Line Tour Request Form for each request.  Please click the following link: 

For questions, please call the Student Activities Office at (505) 224-3238.